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About you, my reader.

You know, I've been doing this internet thing for a while now. I've written for a number of sites but I don't recall many (if any) that have an "about you" page.

But I think you need to know how I picture you - the audience for which I write. If I'm not seeing you as part of who is reading this, let me know. I'd love to know who my audience really is.

So without knowing you, perhaps if I describe how I see you, it will give you a better idea if we are somewhat alike.

It's about you, too

You might be one of the heroes in this world.

Let me describe that. Because you maybe don't see yourself this way. But I do. And I know I'm not the only one.

There are times I'm often flying back and forth across the continent, depending what I'm working on. I see a lot of people in the airports. I like people watching.

Now, you might be one of the guys I see sometimes who thinks you're never noticed. You're the guy who cleans the toilets.

I go out of my way to connect with people like you. In fact, I will try to go out of my way to let you know I see you. Because YOU are one of those men or women who NO ONE notices until something doesn't get done. And then EVERYONE notices.

You have a job to pay your bills and feed your kids. And even though you might actually hate that job, you do it everyday anyway.

Heroes are people who do the right thing, even if they'd rather be doing something else.

There are men and women who work away from home - on job sites like construction or oil rigs. Or the guys and gals who drive the big rigs back and forth across the country long into the night. You miss your wife or your husband. You miss your kids. But you do what needs to be done because you've got integrity and principle.

You still have a dream inside you.

Your body says you're 45 or 50. Or maybe even 70. But you know (or wish you could feel like you know) that you still matter in this world.

You've got an interest in being healthy and involved in making this world a better place when you leave it than when you came into it.

You're old enough that you know you don't need the bullshit anymore.

Hopefully you're not too jaded by it. But if you are, I understand. This world can be a tough place. Real people do real hurtful things sometimes to hurt other people. But you've also realized you still want to do right by people even when they don't do right by you.

Because you have character.

Quite honestly, I'm still trying to figure you out.

I know people read my stuff. And even though this site is relatively new, I am trying to understand exactly who you really are. So I encourage you to check out my "about me" page. And then reach out to me and let me know if I know you or not. It helps.

You can probably tell this site is still relatively new. But I want to know who you are.

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