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The goal of these reviews

I wanted to discuss my review methodology. I think it's important to aim for some consistency in these reviews. I also want this to be different than your typical generic, bland review site.

Also, very importantly....

I'm aiming for honesty and integrity in my review methodology.

The internet is awash with marketing sites that are pushing all kinds of competing products for fixing any problem that ails you. Because of that, it's hard to know whether or not the information that is presented is unbiased.

People are skeptical. I don't blame them. 

Part of the problem is that many websites are "affiliate" sites. (Roo honesty here. This one is, too.) As I've explained elsewhere, this means that if you buy a product because I've recommended it, I receive a small "finder's fee" from the manufacturer when you click on one of my links.

Now I know I'm doing my best to be honest here. But I see a lot of stuff out there there just seems so generic, so bland and so "canned" that if you read many reviews, you're left feeling like you're reading commercials.

The fact is, you are. Some of my posts are that, too. But ONLY if I believe in the product.

I invite you to be skeptical of me, too, until I prove myself as trustworthy.

I hope as you look around, you'll see that I've tried to be clear, consistent, honest and methodical in the consideration of the various products I'm reviewing.

My method for reviewing products

Consideration of ingredients

  • charting the lists of ingredients is a helpful visual
  • the charts try to group ingredients by type (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, etc.)

The use of "neutral" information standards for effectiveness.

I try to avoid my primary data to be driven by sites that have vested interests in your conclusions about their data. 

  • Wikipedia (it tries to be neutral, but I verify what I see for source)
  • NIH (American website - National Institute of Health)
  • CDC (American website - Centers for Disease Control)
  • Natural medicine journals (where appropriate, and when I can find them)

The use of testimonials (when I can find real ones or give my own)

Testimonials can give you an idea of some things you might not have thought about before. But I try to find them in places where people are more inclined to be honest (ie., less vested interest in you believing them).

A look at the limitations of the review

As I can think of them, I will mention things to keep in mind when reading the review. Often, there will be reminders about the ways you may or may not respond the same way as people listed in the testomials.

Also, if I think of issues of "review bias" particular to the specific product reviewed or products compared, I will mention it. (For instance, if one product is sold by affiliate marketing and another is not, it will affect how positive the reviews are and what to keep in mind as you read.)

Some conclusions

Based on:

  • the review of the ingredients
  • the data about those ingredients from the best unbiased sources
  • a review of the most objective and impartial reviews I can find (and personal experience with the product if I have any worth considering in the lineup)
  • a consideration of whatever biases and other factors to keep in mind in choosing a product
  • a note about any products that might have an affiliate link from me (trying to be as objective as possible)

I will then make a recommendation of what is likely the best product for the desired purpose. And if there are other products that might work better than any being compared, I will mention those too.

As always, I'm looking for feedback from readers as to the value found in the reviews.



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