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Cypon syrup – Composition, uses, side effects, dosage, safety


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Cypon syrup is a medication which helps in increasing your appetite , hunger and also is responsible for keeping your digestive system healthy. Cypon syrup is the combination of 3 medications which includes cyproheptadine, tricholine citrate and sorbitol

So today in this blog we will be going through the composition, side effects, uses, dosage and safety precautions of cypon syrup.

Composition of cypon syrup

  • Cyproheptadine 2mg – Anti histamine class of drug for treatment of allergic conditions, increases appetite.
  • Tricholine citrate275 mg– which are mainly found in fruits and increases the metabolic activities in your body.
  • Sorbitol 2gm – also found in fruits, consists of diuretic, laxative and cathartic properties.

Uses of cypon syrup

  1. Cypon syrup is mainly used for increasing the appetite and hunger.
  2. It is used for keeping your liver healthy.
  3. It enhances your digestive system and maintains proper digestion.
  4. It is also used as an appetizer for weight gain.
  5. Used for the treatment of various liver problems such as fatty liver, liver cirrhosis.
  6. Also prescribed by doctor in cases of occasional constipation, not to be confused with regular constipation.

Side effects

Side effects of cypon syrup are very rare. The side effects include

  • Bowel movement becomes very fast.
  • Excessive fluid and water loss from your body, ultimately resulting in dehydration.
  • Causes electrolyte imbalance in the body.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Skin inflammation.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Stomach pain.

But you need not to worry. These side effects are very rare and mostly seen due to overdosing of Cypon syrup. If you witness any of the side effects above immediately consult your nearby doctor.

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For Adults

10 ml in the morning and 10 ml in the night before eating food. The course of the dose generally lasts for 15-20 days but in serious conditions the dose can be extended to 2 months. Always follow your doctor’s recommended dosage.

For Children

5 ml in the morning and 5 ml in the night before having food. If your child is under 2 years old you should never give cypon syrup to your child. There are other alternatives for your infants.

What happens if you have taken high dose of cypon syrup?

  1. Your blood pressure level goes down.
  2. Bad smell from your body and mouth.
  3. Excessive sweating.

So you should always be sure about the dosages of cypon syrup. Your doctor will be your best guide in this case. 


  1. People who have problems related to urine should stay away from cypon syrup.
  2. People who have appendix problems should consult their doctor before taking cypon syrup.
  3. People experiencing nausea and vomiting should consult their doctor before taking cypon syrup.
  4. People allergic to cyproheptadine, tricholine citrate or sorbitol should never consume cypon syrup.
  5. If you are experiencing abdominal pain then you should again consult your doctor before the intake of cypon syrup.


200 ml of Cypon syrup costs you around Rs 90.


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