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HyperGH 14x vs GenF20 HGH - same product with two different labels

GenF20 HGH vs HyperGH 14X: How Different Are They

GenF20 HGH vs HyperGH 14X: The Biggest Difference Is Which Customer They're Trying To ReachNot sure how much you've delved into the world of "human growth hormone releaser" supplements. But if you've looked around much at these products, no doubt there are two which will come across your radar in

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I have a love-hate relationship with the NIH and CDC

My Love-Hate Relationship With The NIH

This is a rant about some agencies I rely on for information. Unfortunately.Being that I am neither a doctor, nor the son of a doctor, I rely quite heavily on the medical opinions of those more qualified than me to evaluate products that I use and/or endorse.I don't know that

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Natural Ways To Boost HGH

How To Naturally Boost Your HGH Levels

Human Growth Hormone - what it is and why you want to boost itIn this article, at a glance:You can click on the links in the summary here to jump to any of these points in the article....What HGH is (what human growth hormone is)the importance of sleep in maintaining

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A natural treatment for teeth and gums

My Personal Product Review Of ProDentim

My takeaway: it's not what I expected (and I LIKE it)I wrote a post recently about the dental industry. It was a bit of a wakeup to a cognitive dissonance I had about my dental care. I guess I'm dental "woke" now.This realization had to do with the idea that

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Prostate formula reviews can be confusing

What Does A Good Supplement Review Look Like

A lot of product reviews are just plain crap.If you've been looking through a lot of them, that might already be obvious to you. But have you ever asked yourself why?It might help if you think about why websites write product reviews.Bottom line is, it's almost always about marketing.Understanding how a product

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