November 28

GenF20 HGH vs HyperGH 14X: How Different Are They


GenF20 HGH vs HyperGH 14X: The Biggest Difference Is Which Customer They're Trying To Reach

Not sure how much you've delved into the world of "human growth hormone releaser" supplements. But if you've looked around much at these products, no doubt there are two which will come across your radar in your searches: GenF20 HGH and HyperGH 14X.

Both are outstanding products with a lot of research behind them and many great reviews. 

They are aimed at two different markets: The GenF20 product is targeted for the older person as an "anti-aging" formula designed to maintain youth and vitality. On the other hand, the HyperGH 14X product is targeted squarely at the hardcore bodybuilder market, as a means to accelerate muscle mass and growth.

Most review sites will tell you that you want one or the other based on your lifestyle and your goals from the product.

HyperGH 14X is marketed as a growth hormone releaser that is optimized for body builders

HyperGH 14X is marketed as a HGH booster for muscle mass for the active gym enthusiast.

The website for this product talks about hard workouts, building mass and bulk. The reviews are about these topics, too.

They emphasize that strong, hard workouts contribute to building lean muscle. But the HyperGH formula definitely helps the body do that better and faster.

GenF20 HGH is marketed for the older, less "gym rat" crowd as a growth hormone releaser to maintain youth and vitality.

GenF20 is marketed for maintaining youth and vitality as you age

The website for this product talks about the product more for a "less active" audience that is typically older. They are marketing to an audience wanting to maintain youth and health - by reducing fat and building more lean muscle.

But they market it more with the idea of the supplement doing the work in this department.

To understand how I evaluated these two products, please note what my general approach is to product comparisons.

When I evaluate products one against the other, I go deep into the actual numbers in the ingredients lists. For the sake of understanding the approach, I've inserted a screenshot in here of my "database" I use for product comparisons.

The picture below is of prostate supplements, because that is the one I've most extensively reviewed. But I put it here so you can see how I do my analysis. Because picking a supplement shouldn't be an emotional decision, but a thought-out decision based on science and fact.

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Prostate Formulas Broad Overview

So how do the ingredients compare between GenF20 HGH and HyperGH 14X?

At first, I wasn't so sure about this. I have so consistently seen these two products marketed differently that when I was makin' the list, I had to check it twice. (Santa, I know how you feel....)

But when I looked them up again, it kept coming up the same way.

Now, as a note, there are slight variations of the packaging and the lists on these products over the years, and both are sold with or without the added "drops" that enhance the effectiveness of the formula.

(By the way... Some of these ingredients absorb differently as drops. Not many manufacturers do this. But these guys do, and it's a biggie for overall effectiveness, too.)

When I looked at the "GenF20" and "HyperGH" formulas for ingredients, this is what I ended up with.

Here is the ingredient list, condensed down into the ingredients in these formulas, side-by-side.

GenF20 vs HyperGH 14X ingredients lists: identical products.

I tend to be the kind of reviewer that says "The Emperor has no clothes."

I'm not saying that, exactly. Because the companies behind these two products go to great lengths to do extensive laboratory tests and to document their product results with clinical studies and the like.

So don't get me wrong. I'm not exactly saying, "the emperor has no clothes." It's more that I'm saying, "the emperor has two great suits. But both suits are exactly the same."

This product (These "two different products") have a lot going for them to boost human growth hormone levels naturally.

Listen to what Dr. Steven Lamm has to say about this. This guy is a medical professor at NYU school of medicine. You may well have seen him on "The View."

But he knows his stuff. He teaches at one of the most prestigious medical schools in the country. Hear what he says about GenF20 (which is also HyperGH 14X).

This guy has done his research. But if you want to know more, check out the actual list of ingredients. That list is impressive and well-tested.

8 different amino acids

They contain the following amino acids:

  •  L-Arganine and L-Lysine: these work together to boost immunity (and improve sexual function)
  • L-Glycine: may benefit prostate health, also triggers the pituitary gland to release human growth hormone
  • L-Glutamine: stimulates muscle growth, increases energy and alertness
  • L-Orthanine: can as much as triple your HGH levels
  • L-Valine: Stimulates muscle growth. This is an essential amino acid and CANNOT BE MANUFACTURED IN THE BODY. So you HAVE to get it from outside food sources or supplements. Lots of it in this stuff.
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Some interesting and very effective herbal ingredients

"Anterior pituitary" stimulates the pituitary gland to super-produce HGH. And "deer antler velvet" is rich with glucosamine, chondroitin and collagen. Studies have shown that all of these help reduce joint pain and reduce joint aging.


Colostrum increases immunity and speeds the healing response.,

It increases bone mass and boosts lean muscle mass. This formula is derived from bovine HGH. Good stuff.

What do the experts say?

Anna Lepeley is a fitness expert. That is Dr. Anna Lepeley. She has a Ph D. and her bachelor's and master's degrees are in exercise physiology from Florida International university.

Listen to what she has to say about this stuff.

Would they really make "two different products" that are the same product?

If you think this is "scammy," it's not. It really isn't scammy at all. But here's the rub.

I might have a product that can scrub grit off your dishes and also scrub the road grime off of your aluminum wheels in your driveway.

But how often would you buy the same product for both uses?

It's the same with this stuff.

The guys who are looking to get jacked in the gym without 'roid rage are interested in a product that not only does that, but is marketed specifically to them.

And the lady or gentleman in his or her 60's isn't necessarily going to respond to a product marketed as God's answer to getting jacked.

The truth is the formula contained in these products is effective at maintaining youth and vitality for the older guy or gal. It's ALSO GREAT at helping the guy at the gym who wants to get JACKED to get jacked FASTER AND HARDER.

But these different customers aren't going to be as prone to buying it with the wrong marketing approach even if it is the same product. That's just the way people are.

Like I said, you shouldn't buy a product based on emotion. You should do it based on facts, science and a logical approach.

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But the fact is most people buy emotionally.

If you're skeptical, I understand. Believe me. But since I was concerned that maybe I missed something, I did something that you can do, too.

I contacted product people at both websites and asked about the difference.

You can do this, too. I have links to both products here. You can do what I did. I went to both websites and specifically asked them about the differences in ingredients between the HyperGH 14X formula and the GenF20 formula. The reps at both sites had exactly the same answer.

Both sites told me that both products are identical.

Same product, marketed to two different kinds of customers. That's the bottom line.

So what to do?

Well, the fact is, it's a fantastic product, no matter which label you buy.

My recommendation: check both sites, buy whichever label is cheaper on the day you want to buy it.

Look, they're probably going to run the same price. But sometimes (because they are two different sites that run their own businesses) you're going to find one cheaper than the other on any day you want to buy the stuff.

So shop them both. Shop them one against the other. Go to both sites, check the prices. And when the little chat window pops up, ask the rep who is chatting with you, "what can you do for me for best price?"

You might be surprised how much of a discount you can fenagle out of them that way.  Just being square with ya here. It's what I do. Try to get you the best deal.

Red box, green box, it's the same stuff. Just do yourself a favor and see which site will give you a better deal.

The only difference might be the best price you can scare up. And that's always good, no matter for what reason you want to use the stuff.

Click the links below to go to BOTH sites and compare to see which is CHEAPEST.  Click the pics below to get to the websites.

Both come with a 67-day money-back guarantee so you can try it out and make sure it works for you. Risk-free!!

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