December 29

Improving Cognitive Function For The Older Adult


There is an interesting post at Natural Health Source by Robert Stone about improving cognitive function as you age. In that article, he discusses the differences between mild cognitive impairment and the mild mental decline that comes as a normal process of aging

Improving Cognitive Function

Robert says,

Gradual cognitive decline is considered to be a part of normal aging. For instance, one’s ability to learn or consume new information at an advanced age may be reduced, the speed at which they do things, and their mental processing capabilities. However, this kind of cognitive decline does not affect a person’s overall ability to function or engage in various activities on a day-to-day basis.
In the case of mild cognitive impairment2, the individual frequently forgets information and conversations that one would generally remember, like appointments and other planned events.
On the extreme end, there is dementia, which is a general term used to refer to a mental decline that is severe enough to affect one’s daily living.

He covers a lot of issues that help with improving cognitive function and help to prevent cogntive decline: behavioral changes and healthy diet recommendations.

Things that can help slow or improve cognitive function

An "unfair advantage" in the battle against cognitive decline

The article even covers things like natural alternatives to things like Adderall (such as the Brain Pill). There are many healthy and natural alternatives out there for so much of what only patched by the pharmaceutical industry.

A well-written article and worth a read

You can read Robert Stone's article HERE.

Product Review: Brain Pill (Good, But Use Caution)

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