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My Personal Product Review Of ProDentim


My takeaway: it's not what I expected (and I LIKE it)

I wrote a post recently about the dental industry. It was a bit of a wakeup to a cognitive dissonance I had about my dental care. I guess I'm dental "woke" now.

This realization had to do with the idea that I've come to trust natural medicine over the years and despise the drama and the lies from big pharma (especially over the last couple years with the vaccine).

But the thing that suddenly dawned on me was the realization that although I had long ago recognized the flaws in western medicine (treating symptoms with drugs vs root causes with natural treatments) it had never occurred to me that maybe the dental industry was just as much driven by a "fix the symptoms" model. Maybe it was driven by money more than I thought.

I was intrigued by this product. I needed to try it for myself.

I ordered some of this stuff to see if it would benefit my mouth. According to my dentist, I'm not doing too bad for my age. But like most, he's noticing some gum recession.

I can actually detect it. I started noticing not too many years ago these small gaps between the gum line and the edges of my teeth - areas where there was a gap underneath that wasn't there before.

He's already done some drilling and filling of these spots. The enamel is thin down near the gum line. And as the acids build up, the teeth erode and apparently, this also tends to affect the gums.

The product is apparently not designed to be used constantly. It's more of a "run the treatment for 3 months or so" every once in a while.

At least that is the impression I got about the stuff between what I saw on the video and on the bottle.

Anyway..... I'm a bit of a review geek and so I was looking forward to seeing if this stuff can really do anything. So I looked at the label as soon as I pulled it out of the shipping package from UPS.

One thing that I found interesting was something that wasn't discussed in the ad copy on the manufacturer's website. It was also not in the promo video they run when they explain the stuff. On the bottle, it says,

Take one soft tablet one or up to two times a day... ideally after brushing teeth or using mouthwash.

That was curious, because I remember in the video, he explained the war between the good and bad bacteria. I suspect the mouthwash would affect both; but perhaps it's more of a level playing field when you get the bad ones killed off just before you seed the good ones?

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 You know - wipe out the good and bad with a nuclear strike but immediately drop more "good troops" into the situation. If you're using a war analogy, it works, I think.

In any event, I hadn't had a toothbrush in my mouth for a while, nor mouthwash. It was the middle of the afternoon when I got these things in my hand.

As soon as I opened the bottle, I detected the strong odor of strawberry. I guess I was expecting a noticeable strawberry flavor. It was chalky looking (not what I expected).

I popped one in my mouth. 

There was a definite lack of any candy-like flavor. That is what I was expecting, I guess. But it ain't there.

It was a chalky substance, a little granular, but not sweet or fruit flavored AT ALL. What I did detect, more than anything, was a little "mintiness" of sorts.

Perhaps "minty" is not the right word. But it isn't an unpleasant taste. Sort of a clean taste. So at least it isn't like a Buckley's cough drop or anything. Apparently, not everything has to taste bad to be good for you.

The bottle told me to try to keep it in my mouth as long as possible. So I did. Swish, swish. (Just being real here. I wanted to get the most bang for my buck.)

Gotta do it right.

Overall, I would say it was rather uneventful. I was a little disappointed, I guess. Not sure what I expected, actually, except that the advertising spoke of strawberry flavor so I think I was expecting something that would at least make me think I was eating candy, I guess?

But I tried another one again the next morning. That experience was much different.

I have to say the way it felt and reacted in my mouth the next morning was quite different, and I was not expecting a different experience at all from the previous day. So that was a surprise.

I realize now the difference was that I had just brushed my teeth before heading out for the morning. This one went into my mouth shortly after I had brushed.

The "mintiness" was more pronounced. But I noticed just a slight effervescence somehow with this one in the morning. I do expect it was because my teeth and mouth were clean. And again, not minty, so much as a clean taste somehow.

The more curious thing for me was that an hour or so later, long after I had finished my morning coffee, that fresh taste was still present in my mouth. And it isn't a strong mint like you get from chewing gum. It seems "mellower" somehow.

Wanting to give these things a good run, I tried one again that night before going to bed. Again, it was interesting.

What struck me most was not just that taste sensation when I dissolved this thing in my mouth. It was that I noticed that not unpleasant taste was still in my mouth when I woke up during the night, a couple hours later.

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Now, a week or so in, I don't want to get ahead of myself. But...

My dentist (and my optometrist, too, by the way) are both stunned at my ability to keep track of intricate changes in my mouth, with my eyes and the like. It comes with being a nerd, I guess.

But as far as this topic of my dental health is concerned, I have mapped with my tongue every one of those little fissures that form between the teeth and gums.

I'm skeptical that I can detect any change after a few days now. But I swear, if I didn't think it was ridiculous, that one of those little gaps (the narrowest of narrow gaps) that was noticeable to my tongue is now changed.

That gap along the gum line seems to have closed up after about only a week of use.

If it works that well, I should be able to notice a definite difference in a couple other spots soon. I do have quite an awareness of changes in my mouth. I can tell you where every crown is in my mouth and what it's made of (and which dentist did it). And I can do that without mapping with my tongue first to count.

Like I said, I'm a nerd like that.

There was another unexpected positive effect that I was not suspecting. 

I had to do a little research on this one to see if there was something to it more than just what this particular surgeon who developed the formula had said about it. But I have to say that even if this stuff did nothing for my gums, I would still keep it on hand for this one.

I've heard this from other people I know. It's this annoying little problem that comes and goes, but when it comes, sometimes it lingers for days. And if you've had it happen to you, you'll be intrigued to know that 

This stuff got rid of the phlegm ball in my throat.

I had no idea how common this problem was for people until I looked it up. But I heard the doc in this video describe this problem of mucus buildup in the throat. And I took a mental note of it at the time.

If you search for "phlegm ball in your throat," you might be surprised to see how common this is. There were times I just got used to it being there as a condition of life in later middle age. But sometimes trying to fall asleep with this awareness that I needed that sucker to come up or go down was rather annoying.

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There are all kinds of natural cures out there that supposedly can help with that problem. But what the doc who developed these tablets said is that this stuff is like a probiotic for your mouth and for your throat.

Like I said. That sucker is GONE now. Within two days of using this stuff (my 3 tablets into my test) it is all cleared up.

I wrote recently about my distrust of western medicine (especially over the last couple years). 

My initial exposure to this product prompted that article. It was a bit of a paradigm shift for me. And it turns out that the western medicine approach to treating symptoms and missing the root causes may be in much of dental care, too. This stuff is a step in the right direction.

If you're interested in a list of scholarly articles that discuss the theory behind what led to the development of this product, I've listed them below.

But in short, this product was developed around an awareness in the studies that saw a need for an entirely different approach to dental care than what we have previously been told.

Think "terrain theory" vs "just try to kill all the bad guys."

An article in Nature Magazine does a deep dive into the theory of this approach to what happens in your mouth.

But in essence, the approach our dentists have insisted on - namely, killing all the bacteria in our mouths might not be the best approach to dental care.

As it turns out, there are bad bacteria and (gasp!) good bacteria in our mouths.

While the traditional approach has been constant brushing, mouthwash and dental cleanings every 6 months, it turns out that with a battle concept called "terrain theory," the better approach is to overwhelm the territory with so many troops that the bad guys are just simply outnumbered and are obliterated through sheer force of the good guys.

While we don't want a police state on our streets, in your mouth, overwhelming the bad bacteria with the good bacteria turns out to be a wonderful thing.

And that is what ProDentim is really all about.

ProDentim is a probiotic for your mouth and your throat.

If you're reading this, your thoughts are welcome. I'm thinking it sounds far-fetched, but I will be updating this post periodically, with dates, to map my progress.

I have to expect that if you decide to try this stuff, you're going to find some benefits from it. The testimonials are pretty compelling on his website.

In the meantime, I encourage you to watch the video and if you're curious, give it a try. You might be surprised.

Click to view the video


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