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Health issues for women (from a man's perspective, with the help of my wife). It's the best I can do.

Ladies, I'm gonna try to do the best I can here. But I'm a man. So bear with me. I'm still working on the stuff for you. (And I'm going to try to do it in a way that a dude can understand. It's the best I can do to help you out in that department.)

Just some preliminaries here.

Consider some of these options. Ladies, I'm trying to get some helpful articles out here for you (and for your husbands, so they understand you). But for starters, let me point you to some helpful items.

The delicate problem of bladder control

Ok, ladies. I will be the first to admit that as a man, I'm not sure I can understand exactly what you might be going through with this problem. But I am aware that a lot of women struggle with this issue.

What I can say is that as an older man, I've had struggles with a similar issue and it's awkward and embarrassing that you have to be constantly aware of where the next restroom stop might be on a road trip. Or how close you are to the bathroom on your 4-hour flight from San Fransisco to Dallas.

And I can only imagine that as a woman, you may have the added "benefit" that a good belly laugh is enough to put you in one of the more embarrassing situations in your day.

But there are solutions.

One such solution that I recently became aware of, and which seems to be very successful for women who have used it, is a product called Confitrol 24. Click the link here to read more about it.

The people that make this stuff are GOOD. I do have confidence this may help you greatly. And please let me know if it works for you or not.

Confitrol 24 for bladder control

For libido....

Ladies, I've seen the frustration that women sometimes struggle with. You want to be intimate, but kids, fatigue, menopause and so many other things that life brings can run you down.

If you've lost desire (but you still want to have the desire, and you know what I mean) then this might be just the thing to make all the difference for you. Mrs. Roo agrees. 🙂

  • 100% natural
  • no reported side effects
  • available without a prescription
  • in a survey of over 400 women who tried, it 98% said it improved their intimacy.

This one: designed especially for the ladies

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More to come. Stay tuned.

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