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How women can deal with a leaky bladder

Overactive Bladder Treatment For Women

If you're an older woman (or, perhaps even "not-so-old"), you may be struggling with this very real but very embarrassing problem of having to keep track of the nearest washroom, just in case.If you're struggling with this embarrassing issue, you're not alone. And there are ways to deal with it

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NAD works wonders for youth and vitality

Great Sex After Menopause

Many women feel that menopause marks the end of their sexual lives.It's no secret that women experience a number of physical and emotional changes as they age, but menopause doesn't have to mean the end of your sex life.Sandra Bishop has a great article over at Natural Health Source about

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The science of female sexual enhancement

The Very Real Science Of Female Sexual Enhancement

What is "female sexual enhancement?" Well, it's about getting to (or getting back to) good sex.It's much like what male enhancement is really all about. Same end game. Same goal. Great sex for great intimacy.As Robert Stone says in his article on this topic, "Sex matters. When it’s hot, it’s

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Podcast review: Sex Talk For Christian Wives

Must-Hear Podcast: Sex Chat For Christian Wives

I'm not sure how I stumbled onto this podcast. But if you're married, you need to check out the podcast, "sex talk for Christian wives." Quite honestly, you could benefit from this podcast whether you're the wife or the husband. I believe I've talked about this elsewhere on this web

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