I Want To Share What I Found

If you're here, you likely got here by means of a link from a social web site. And also, if you're here, you're hopefully curious enough to keep reading to see what I'm referring to. What I was dealing with is something that I've come to find out (in doing some research) affects a LOT of older men.

Also, now that you're here, I can be a little more direct about what I'm discussing.

I'm betting that if you got this far, you probably pretty quickly picked up on this fact, too.

When I said I wasn't discussing "prematurity" or "dysfunction," I assume that you darn well knew what I meant. 

What I AM talking about here is VOLUME. If you didn't know this, there is a direct correlation between volume and satisfaction. And there are ways to trigger your body to maximize output for greater satisfaction.

You Need To Hear This. Because It Changed My Life In One Very Positive Way.

Even though I'm over 60 now, I've been pretty fortunate health-wise. Aside a pretty serious stint with Covid last year (hospitalized for a bit) I've been good. My BP runs just slightly above normal but without any meds. I'm not overweight (well, maybe not a lot).

But I'm just trying to give you a radar fix on me and my health so you can gage what I'm going to share.

Even though my health is generally good, there was the typical "slowing down" in the intimacy department. What I mean is this:

My problem was that during times of intimacy with my wife, even though I was always in the game, I wasn't always able to "get past third base" to "home."

Things just seemed to decrease over time - sensitivity and the like.

I tried to get her to understand that these things change with age. But it was also getting discouraging. These things do tend to weigh on your mind. I was just feeling a little frustration in this department. 

I've never suffered from ED or PE. But this was getting bad and it was affecting my relationship.

My poor wife was often asking if it was her. It wasn't. But we kept having these conversations where she would insist it must be at least partly her. She would suggest that if she were more attractive or if she lost the nagging weight, that somehow it would help.

According to the experts, in some ways, ED (erectile dysfunction), PE (premature ejaculation) and prostate health are all related. And that is because they all share the same anatomy and physiology.

So it's common knowledge that a healthy prostate is going to affect sexual function.

But let me ask you a question here.

Have you ever heard about how volume affects your pleasure during those intimate times?

I discovered a product that is different than the typical products used to treat ED, prostate enlargement and the like.

It works well with those products. And if you're using other natural products for those things, this is something that (according to the manufacturer) works complimentary to those.

But this product has the specific goal of increasing the volume of fluid produced by your body that is released at the time of climax. And THAT is a big deal.

Because apparently, the greater the volume, the greater the buildup and the greater the sensation at the height of intimacy. (And based on my experience, I can attest to this fact.)    ;-)

Keep in mind, I'm neither a doctor nor the son of a doctor. So I'm only telling you about this product and if you decide to try it, you should do so on the advice of a healthcare professional. Because I'm not qualified to tell you if it will work for you.

But MAN, does it ever work for me.

This Product's Main feature

Please understand. This stuff is designed specifically to INCREASE VOLUME produced by your system. Because increasing the volume DIRECTLY increases your urgency and your PLEASURE.

Bottom line: THIS does THAT.

I'm going to provide some links here. Keep in mind that some of these testimonials are graphic. But please don't let what might come across as a little bit crass keep you from experiencing a powerful solution to a problem that could be robbing your relationship of what it deserves.


If you're curious about whether this product can work for you, click HERE for a quiz to see if it's a fit.

(The quiz is a little crass, too, to be honest. Just my opinion. But after you do the quiz, there is an informative video explaining how this works as well as it does.)

If you want a little less "in your face" about it (but keep in mind, these are people in their own words) you can see what some men have to say about the results they are having with it.

For the testimonials, click HERE.

They do offer a money-back guarantee if it doesn't work for you. All I can say is, it was more than I was expecting, actually. Hopefully, it will be for you, too.