November 22

Enlarged Prostate May Actually Prevent Prostate Cancer


So apparently, researchers at Beaumont Health Systems have found that men with enlarged prostate might have a lowered risk of developing prostate cancer.

As crazy as that sounds at first, it's actually an idea that sounds like it might actually have some merit when you drill down into the research.

Prostate enlargement might actually be "protective."

It's not unnatural for a man to wonder if his prostate symptoms get very bad if he might actually be dealing with something more than a benign case of prostate enlargement.

And if in doubt, it's always a good idea to get a PSA test and/or some advice from a medical professional.

In the medical journal, "The Prostate," they studied 405 men who had MRI studies and biopsies and concluded this interesting correlation between enlarged prostate and a reduced risk of prostate cancer. 

Prostate enlargement is caused by an abnormal amount of growth of the cells in the prostate, which usually results in some restriction to the urine flow in older males.

The study was done specifically to measure the thickness of the central and outside portions of the prostate to check for the possibility of cancer. The conclusion of their study was that the thicker the gland, the less there was a presence of cancer.

According to Dr. Kiran Nandalur....

 Patients with benign prostate enlargement appear to have lower odds of developing significant prostate cancers.

According to Dr. Nandalur,

“Our findings should help reduce possible fears about significant prostate cancer when diagnosed with BPH, which is often misunderstood by the public. According to the studied MRI data, patients with BPH appear to have a potential protective factor against prostate cancer. The results may also explain why previous data has shown commonly prescribed drugs used to treat BPH may result in higher grade prostate cancer."

Dr. Nandalur made a point to state that dealing with an enlarged prostate requires a personalized approach, tailored to the individual scenario per patient.

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For a different consideration: maybe pharmaceuticals are part of the problem?

It is always amazing to me how many pharmaceutical approaches to disease come with so many side effects that sometimes it seems the side effects are worse than the disease.

Note that statement by Dr. Nandular, above: "The results may also explain why previous data has shown commonly prescribed drugs used to treat BPH may result in higher grade prostate cancer."

Ask yourself a question: when is the last time you saw a commercial for a drug on television and thought to yourself, "the drug scares me more than the disease it is designed to treat?"

Maybe the problem is not treating BPH, but if it is done naturally.

There are approaches to treating enlarged prostate that use only natural ingredients and that are very effective. I found one of these formulas that worked very well for me. If you're interested, you can read more about it here.

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