October 10

Help With PE


It's the kind of problem you hate to have to talk about.

But if you struggle with this issue as a man, it can really leave you and your partner frustrated.

It might come as a surprise. But according to the Mayo Clinic,[1] about 1 in 3 men have been frustrated with this problem at various stages in their lives.

According to the Mayo Clinic,

The main symptom of premature ejaculation is not being able to delay ejaculation for more than three minutes after penetration. But it might occur in all sexual situations, even during masturbation.
Premature ejaculation can be classified as:
  • Lifelong. Lifelong premature ejaculation occurs all or nearly all the time beginning with the first sexual encounter.
  • Acquired. Acquired premature ejaculation develops after having previous sexual experiences without problems with ejaculation.
Many people feel that they have symptoms of premature ejaculation, but the symptoms don't meet the criteria for a diagnosis. It's typical to experience early ejaculation at times.

If you struggle with this issue, you should, of course, always check with a medical professional. But there are safe, natural and effective supplements you can use that are very effective at dealing with this issue.

Pro-Solution Plus is a supplement specifically designed to target and conquer this issue.

Pro-Solution Plus is a product developed by "Leading Edge Health." They've been in the male supplement market for well over 20 years now and they have a reputation over the years of bringing unique, cutting-edge products to the market.

Pro Solution Plus is the best alternative for dealing with PE

Pro-Solution Plus is truly a unique product for this market.

You might have seen Dr. Dave David on television before. He's a surgeon on staff at Harvard Medical School and he's made frequent appearances on CNN and Fox News regarding various medical issues, including those pertaining to sexual health.

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Listen to what he has to say about this stuff.

There are many products designed to "increase size" and even products designed to increase the amount of sperm volume that your system produces (to increase pleasure leading up to and during orgasm).

But this one is specifically designed to make you "last longer" before you reach climax.

This is not a spray or a wipe.

Sprays and wipes are "as you go" solutions, which are an approach that requires you to deal with the situation "in the moment."

Those approaches work. And the manufacturer of this product does make a gel, specifically for this purpose, to be used "at the time." It works, too.

There is also a "wipe" made by VigRX that works well, too, as well as a spray-on, "VigRX Delay Spray." These products are a life-saver for guys struggling with this issue, and if you're in need of a quick solution, these are worth a look.

But the "Pro Solution Plus" oral supplement is a different approach.

It is a product that is taken internally, on a regular basis, and it works to improve your body's ability to control and delay climax.

This is a product that works internally (over time, and works better the longer you take it). So the longer you take it as a supplement, the more effective it is at helping you delay when you want to.

So, as you can see, because it works internally (naturally, not like a wipe or gel) it is a more natural (and maybe not such a "mood killer" approach).

That means that eventually, you should be able to get to a point where you wouldn't need the gels or wipes "in the moment."

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If you use this supplement, it helps your body prepare beforehand, working from the inside out, ahead of time, so when you're ready to go, you're also ready to go longer without the need for the wipes or gels.

How does Pro Solution Plus work?

The human sexual response is an amazing and incredibly intricate mechanism. It might surprise you to learn that many of the ingredients in a supplement that trigger a sexual response are also the same ones that help to make it last longer as well as to be better.

This is a supplement formula that contains ingredients like these:

  • Tribulus Terrestris - a Chinese herb, long used to help men with erection difficulties
  • Withania Somniferia - increases nitric oxide flow, aiding in stronger erections [2]
  • Asparagus Adscedens - provides relief from stress and inflammatory conditions that could aggravate the PE response. [3]
  • And, among other ingredients, probably the most significant: Asphaltum - "is a mineral wax with medicinal properties highly prized as a natural remedy for sexual dysfunction and premature ejaculation." [4]

So, what does Pro Solution Plus actually do?

This stuff is created to work with your body, specifically to improve all the parts of your reproductive system that cause you to have more control over your orgasmic response.

It helps you relax.

A study in The Journal of Ethnopharmacology shows that the ingredients in ProSolution® Plus, increases dopamine levels, that improves relaxation and pleasure.

It helps you orgasm more easily (but when you're ready)

This stuff increases nitric oxide flow for better erections. And yet, at the same time, it allows you to be able to control the orgasmic cycle so that you are able to climax when you want to - with your partner.

Pro Solution Plus works together with other supplements you might be using.

IF you're taking a prostate support supplement (Such as VigRX Prostate support - the best value for the dollar) then this stuff will work symbiotically with prostate support supplements and "male enhancement" products (such as "Pro Solution" - a sister product to the Pro Solution Plus).

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Pro Solution Plus is the best alternative for dealing with PE

It comes with a 67-day, money-back guarantee.

You've got nothing to lose. You can order a 3-or 6-month supply to get it cheaper, and still have over two months to decide if it is making a difference for you.

Give it a try HERE....


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[2] Life Science Journal, 2003 Feb 21;72(14):1617-25.

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