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7 Things Male Enhancement Pills Can And Cannot Do


Exploring the Possibilities and Limitations of Male Enhancement Medications

As men age and look to maintain and even improve their overall physical fitness, the concept of "male enhancement" often comes across the radar. 

But how realistic are these expectations? Is it hype? Are there limitations to what can be done about male enhancement? Can you really gain size and length from a pill? And how much can you gain? How much do you want? How much should you even want?

As we get older, sexual performance begins to slow down a bit.

And as you get older, it becomes more of a mental game. Because your partner may experience decreases in libido, too. And this can all have its share of effects. Things don't run on "auto-pilot" like they used to. As a result, many men look to the area of "male enhancement" to get the auto-pilot back in control.

There are things you can do to help. But you need to keep the overall goal as a healthy one: size and function are a means to an end of a healthy enjoyment of sharing your sexuality with the partner you want to please so much.

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So what, exactly, is "male enhancement?"

Listening to the extenze commercials on the radio, it seems male enhancement refers to the one specific goal of increasing size. But that's not really what the market is about.

Male enhancement[1] is (or, perhaps, should be) a process or practice aimed at improving sexual performance and enjoyment for both partners in a relationship. It is about dealing with and correcting conditions like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

If you do suffer from "PE," you're not alone. It plagues about 30% of men over 30!

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might be just the thing for you.

You're trying to enhance what that organ will DO for you and your partner. And so, in that sense, you need to look at enhancing not only size, but stamina, responsiveness and the ability to be spontaneous and "durable."

Realistically, this isn't a healthy obsession. It should be a means to an end of removing all the things that stand between you and intimacy with your partner.

So, from the male perspective, the best end goals of male sexual enhancement are:

  • healthy sexual desire and sex drive.
  • the ability to have normal sexual arousal when appropriate.
  • healthy erectile function.
  • reducing (or maybe even eliminating) the negative sexual side-effects of enlarged prostate.
  • the ability to obtain and maintain a firm erection.
  • the ability for your body to respond to sexual stimulation.

"Size" is usually a nice feature. But focusing on that while missing the bigger picture misses the point.

What male enhancement options are available on the market today?

There are always options available in our society today. And some of them are pretty radical (including surgery).[2]

Surgery is a drastic measure for penile enlargement, and not without risks.

Now, I don't know about you. But as for me and my anatomy, we choose to stick as close as is practical to the "natural" approach to this issue.

So, we're going to scoot past the extreme measures of injections, mechanical contraptions and surgeries in this article, and stick to natural approaches to enhancement. You'll probably be better off in the long run for this approach anyway.

Also, keep in mind that there are pharmaceutical approaches to these problems. But we will touch on that later, looking at possible side effects from those.

Male enhancement products (even the natural ones) are often marketed as a one-stop solution for all sexual problems.

But this is not the case.

Optimal sexual function and enjoyment is a byproduct of overall physical and emotional/relational health. Once "over the top sexual satisfaction" becomes the end goal rather than the means to an end of a better overall quality of life, where sex is one part, is not a good target.

Sexual activity is part of a well-balanced relationship. This should be about finding the pleasure of pleasuring your partner. And unlocking her heart is the goal here. (Or, at least, it should be...)

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Also, something else that you should keep in mind is this: sexual health and overall physical health tend to go more or less "hand in hand." That is, as you work to improve diet and exercise for your overall wellbeing (monitoring your caloric intake, controlling harmful blood sugar levels, getting the proper rest and the like), these changes will also have a positive affect on your sex life.

7 things male enhancement CAN and CANNOT do for you

1 - Proper supplementation may increase size and length (some, anyway...)

It would seem to make sense that proper blood flow and regular activity that maximizes that blood flow does tend to force some results in the form of increases in size and length. After all, if erect is longer and fuller than non-erect, then better blood flow can result in more of same.

And it seems over time, it makes sense that you're "training" growth of tissues and the like. At least, that is what the conclusions are from people who use these products and swear by the results.

But realistically, it seems you'd probably need to do more than just use pills, if you're looking for more than modest "gains." However....

The types of things that result in long-term increase in size and length would require suction, drawing blood into the tissues in a way that would force them, or physically "provoking" tissues to "change" over time, to grow cell structure to support a "regular" demand for that extra blood volume.

2 - enhancing by gadgets and gizmos and pumps can cause damage. So there's that....

And for what it's worth, the Mayo Clinic says results of supplements are not "permanent."[3] If you're looking for permanent size increases, you're going to have to get a little radical - such as gizmos or suction, over time.

But if the result from these supplements is real while you're taking them, that becomes a more "realistic expectation."

And "fully engorged" will be somewhat (some) larger than "partially engorged."

IF you decide you need (need?) more length or girth, and you want long term results, you might want to try using these supplements to increase blood flow to the area internally while using "external means."

But be aware. There can ALWAYS be the possibility of injury. If you pop a blood vessel, you're looking at quick, necessary and maybe radical surgery. So tread lightly.

One possibility of a gadget that just might work

Having said that, there is a gadget that, depending on your situation, may actually be of some benefit. It is apparently helpful to the point where it has been discussed in "The Journal Of Urology" as a device that can, over time, actually stimulate the growth of penile tissue for greater length and girth.

It's called the "ProExtender," and you can see it HERE if you're interested in exploring it. I've not seen one, and it's not on my radar. But it might be on yours. Worth a look, depending on your situation and what you and your partner might find helpful.

3 - Male Enhancement Pills Can Improve Stamina.

Just as important, male enhancement supplements can improve your stamina - your ability to maintain an erection. These formulas (the good ones, the safe ones) trigger the release of nitric oxide into your bloodstream which helps the surrounding tissues better able to be engorged with bloodflow. And this helps you "last longer."

4 - Some supplements can increase the pleasure of your orgasm by increasing semen volume.

There are supplements, for example, that are specifically designed to maximize your body's semen production and semen volume. And if you weren't aware of it, there is a correlation between semen volume and pleasure during orgasm. It's the fluid pressure building up inside your system as you approach orgasm that causes the intensity of the pleasurable sensations.

And, the more buildup, the longer it takes for your body to release it, which contributes to the length and the strength of the orgasm. There is a direct correlation between volume and pleasure.

5 - No enhancement pills will ever double your size.

Depending on how much porn you've been exposed to, you may have been given some pretty challenging images of "what's possible" to the point of feeling inadequate.

But a lot of what you see in that stuff, like the rest of life, is genetic. These pills, over time, can increase size and stamina. (But as we said, it's not a "permanent" fix. You need to be using these supplements.)

But doubling your size, or becoming multi-orgasmic for everyday activity without hitting a wall of sexual exhaustion is impossible, even if you do use all the right dietary supplements..

In fact, to be honest, some of these potential goals are probably more fantasy than reality.

6 - Enhancement tablets don't target prostate enlargement

BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia, or prostate enlargement) is a condition that often affects men as they age.[4] And, while some of the ingredients in these supplements are common in prostate support supplements, that is still a bit of a "different department."

Prostate support supplements are geared more toward long-term care of the prostate for ease of urination.

On the other hand, enhancement supplements are about boosting the "sexual" function of your prostate. Ideally, you might want to supplement for both, depending on your age and lifestyle.

As you age, a good prostate supplement is something you might want to think of like your other vitamin supplements. For improvement in your sexual experience, think more about the "enhancement" supplements.

7 - Male enhancement supplements are not a cure for prostate cancer

If you're having issues, it's always good to check with a healthcare provider to have a PSA test.[5] A "PSA" test is a test for "prostate specific antigen," and your doctor can let you know if there are any serious issues you need to be aware of. Also, if you have concerns your prostate might need some extra care, you might want to explore this option. It's a hardcore approach to maximizing a healthy environment for your prostate.

Common prescription meds: Viagra (sildenafil) and Cialis (tadalifil)

Temporary, "as needed" approaches (read that as "oral medications" such as Viagra and Cialis) do seem to work for many men with erectile dysfunction issues.[6] But they come with some potentially nasty side effects.

Viagra, Cialis and better, more natural ways for male enhancement

And if you're at a point where you're needing meds like this, perhaps a better thing to consider is whether or not you're dealing with larger health issues, and this problem of lowered ability to get and maintain an erection is pointing to something more serious.

It's always a good idea to look at healthy exercise and better diet to improve overall health, too.

Possible side effects of prescription medications for erectile dysfunction

Viagra (the trade name for the drug "sildenafil") and Cialis (the trade name for the drug "tadalifil") are two common ED medications prescribed for erectile dysfunction.

These drugs are both known as "PDE5 inhibitors." PDE5 inhibitors are prescribed to trigger the release of nitrous oxide during sexual arousal. In short, they are designed to enable better erectile function. But pharmaceuticals always come at a price of unwanted side effects.

The most commonly reported adverse events for oral PDE5 inhibitors[6] are:

  • headache
  • flushing
  • dyspepsia (indigestion)
  • dizziness
  • rhinitis (that's runny nose).

Incidentally, a not uncommon side effect from taking too much horny goat weed is a bit of a runny nose, too. Similar mechanisms, somewhat related side effects, perhaps.

Regarding side effects, if you're planning on using a prescription like Viagra or Cialis, be sure to check with your doctor or pharmacist. You want to make sure you don't take anything that may interfere with other prescription medications you're on or have any nasty interactions with any herbal supplements you might be taking.

Have you heard of "Rhino Pills?"

Some male enhancement products rely on synthetic chemicals or unknown ingredients. They can have some serious side effects.

I bring up "Rhino pills" because they are a product marketed for instant arousal and erections the size of a Buick. You can pick up at the truck stops along the interstate highways. So you may well have seen them, up by the cash register as you're checking out of the store.

The FDA has been fighting hard to keep these things out of the country.[7] There have been numerous side effects, and they have some unknown ingredients.

"The FDA has received reports of people experiencing chest pain, severe headaches and prolonged erections after taking a Rhino product that led to surgical intervention and hospitalization due to extreme drops in blood pressure."
“Over the past few years, the FDA has been combatting the retail sale of male enhancement drug products that are frequently misrepresented as dietary supplements and that contain hidden and potentially harmful active drug ingredients. Distributing unapproved drugs, disguised as supplements, places the U.S. public health at risk.”

The lesson to be learned here is that you want to buy products like this from manufacturers who plainly list where the company can be contacted, and that they are very transparent with where their products come from.

The most effective way to improve male sexual performance is through an overall healthy lifestyle.

As we age, health problems and other issues like normal weight gain can take their toll on our overall health. And that filters through into contributing to sexual dysfunction.

Blood flow is an important factor in good erectile health. And that comes from healthy dietary choices that help protect against high cholesterol and high blood sugar. Blood flow can also be improved with supplements.

It's always good to think wholistically about these health issues.

Doing the things that help your body maintain a good supply of natural growth hormone for proper tissue repair and energy levels is essential to overall health. And this will contribute to better sexual health, too.

So, simple (and not always easy, but simple) choices like not eating bedtime snacks, cutting down on white flour, refined sugars, and getting to bed early all contribute to your overall health and HGH levels, and therefore, by necessity, also contribute to improving your sexual health.

You can read more about natural ways to improve your HGH levels naturally here. Incorporating these types of health habits into your lifestyle will pay dividends in the sexual satisfaction department, too.

Prostate health is essential. The prostate has a very central part to play in the plumbing involved in great sex.

One point that should not be missed is that a healthy prostate is part and parcel of an overall, well-optimized "enhanced" male physiology.

The prostate is an organ that is involved in proper urination. As such, you want to keep your prostate healthy.

And, it's also a vital part in the sexual response.[8} So you want to guard it for that reason, too.

For this reason, men (especially men over 40) should seriously consider supplementing their diet with a good prostate support supplement. And in fact, there are a few ingredients found in the best prostate supplements that are also found in the best "male enhancement" supplements.

Setting your prostate up for proper health is also setting it up for better sexual satisfaction.

Which herbs help with male "enhancement?"

Some of the more common herbs that are found in natural supplements specifically oriented around the area of "sexual enhancement" are:

  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Saw Palmetto (also in many prostate support formulas)
  • Hawthorn Berry
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Catauba
  • Muira Puama
  • Ginseng
  • Horny Goat Weed

:Different brands have different quantities and different formulations with these and/or other ingredients.

The benefits of using a male enhancement product

The primary benefit of using a male enhancement product is the enhancement to your enjoyment of sexual intimacy.

Good male enhancement supplements help with:

  • getting and maintaining stronger and longer lasting erections
  • help deal with the negative effects of premature ejaculation
  • greater ability to please your sexual partner.

But another benefit, which we've touched on before, is that many of these products that help with "male enhancement" do so by helping with healthy benefits like increased blood flow[9] (which may compliment what you might be doing to lower your high blood pressure, for example).

Some of the ingredients in these supplements are also marketed for other purposes. For instance, Ginkgo Biloba is often promoted as a supplement that helps with brain fog.[9] Ginseng is promoted as a product that helps with circulatory issues as well as brain fog.[10] You can see the overlapping positive effects these things could have for you.

The effectiveness of male sexual enhancement products

Perhaps you're wondering if these supplements are really all they are made out to be. After all, it's easy to find people with testimonials for pretty much anything.

The bigger question might be, "will they work for YOU?"

The short answer to that question is likely, "that depends." Your pre-existing issues (if you have them) like heart disease or other medical conditions, any side effects that you deal with from prescription medications you are on will all factor into the equation.

But typical reports from the testimonials show that these products do work. And the numbers don't lie. The bulk of the business for these products is from repeat customers. That's got to tell you something.

Testosterone levels and estrogen levels play a part in this, too

You'd do well to check with your doctor or healthcare provider for advice on some of these things. And sometimes, getting tested for your testosterone levels and/or your estrogen levels is a good idea.

From the literature available, it seems the younger guys will benefit from testosterone boosters. But as we age, it seems that the typical man's problem is not always low testosterone, by itself.

With age sometimes comes our body's inability to break down our "bad estrogen" and to convert it to testosterone that our systems can use to control belly fat, lift our energy levels and (quite honestly) to perform as well as we used to in the bedroom.

There are products that are designed to aid the body's ability to produce more testosterone. But if you're an older fellow, you might be better off supplementing with a product that specifically targets these "high 'bad' estrogen" levels that creep up on us with age.

Symptoms of low testosterone

According to the Cleveland Clinic, signs of low testosterone[11] in males include

  • Reduced sex drive.
  • Erectile dysfunction.[12]
  • Loss of armpit and pubic hair.
  • Shrinking testicles.
  • Hot flashes.[13]
  • Low or zero sperm count (azoospermia), which causes male infertility.[14]

Other symptoms can include:

  • Depressed mood.[15]
  • Difficulties with concentration and memory.
  • Increased body fat.
  • Enlarged male breast tissue (gynecomastia).[16]
  • Decrease in muscle strength and mass.
  • Decrease in endurance.

Symptoms of high estrogen

Signs of high estrogen symptoms in men can be difficult to differentiate from low testosterone symptoms.[17] However, the most eight most common symptoms of high estrogen in men include:

  • Sexual dysfunction (low libido, decreased morning erections, decreased erectile function)
  • Enlarged breasts
  • Lower urinary tract symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)[18]
  • Increased abdominal fat (can also be a symptom of low estrogen)
  • Feeling tired
  • Loss of muscle mass[19]
  • Emotional disturbances, especially depression
  • Type 2 diabetes[20]

The side effects of male sexual enhancement products

Everything we consume has effects: sometimes positive, sometimes negative effects or side effects. In the case of these types of supplements, side effects[21] can include:

  • headaches
  • body aches
  • digestive issues
  • dizziness
  • vision problems
  • congestion/runny nose
  • hearing loss
  • changes in vision
  • priapism

Things like headache and dizziness or even vision problems are understandable as a side effect, as these products may affect your blood pressure. Things that change blood flow may well alter blood pressure. Keep these in mind as you use these products. You'll want to decide for yourself if "the juice is worth the squeeze."


A usually rare, but very serious side effect in that list is "Priapism." That is an erection that lasts too long - like 4 or more hours.[22] It is a potentially serious condition that needs immediate medical attention. You don't want to have any tissue damage (or blood clots, or anything else).

By the way, the side effects that some men can have with these herbal supplements is a good reason why it might be advisable to go slow.

If you're trying any of these supplements, you might want to start with smaller doses at first, to monitor for side effects, increasing to the suggested doses over a few days. That way, you can monitor what is happening and see if you need to be cautious about a particular formula you're trying out.

How to choose the right product for you

This is a fair question and you want to keep some things in mind as you look at different brands of enhancement products.

It's not always easy to know if you're getting a product from a "reputable company" or not. There are so many websites promoting products, and so many more websites claiming to do reviews but with little solid information or reasons for why they recommend one brand over another.

Our criteria for evaluating brands here looks at many things. We don't just look at one particular product in isolation. We look at a product also from the perspective of the product line of the whole company; how long the product has been around; what customers have to say about the product and the company.

You'll also want to see that a company can back up the effectiveness of its products

The good ones do this by showing results of clinical trials, and how each particular active ingredient is helpful for what you're buying the product for. And you want to make sure they are willing to back a product with a guarantee, if you're a little skeptical.

We will be doing a side-by-side comparison of a number of brands and expect to have that out soon.

But at this point, based on the criteria listed above, we do have one brand on the radar that we can point to with some certainty that it delivers a satisfactory result for the people who use it. It's called Erectin, and it comes with a 67-day money back guarantee.

You can visit the web page for this product HERE. Try it risk free for two months.

Other questions:

Can you take too many male enhancement pills?

For sure. Quite simply, too much of anything can be bad for you, whether it's vitamins or herbal supplements or anything else.

In my case, with horny goat weed, I seem to be a little more sensitive to it than others might be. I found that if I took a smaller amount of it than is in a typical capsule, the effects are minimal. But even taking a whole capsule, for me, is too much.[23] I definitely feel the effects of too much of that - heart racing, runny nose, etc..

Just remember that this is not a case of "if two a day is good, then six a day must be three times better." Your liver has to process this stuff. And the usual dosages marked on the bottle are there for a reason.

Just realize that too much becomes a waste at best, and a problem for your body to process at worst. Go by the recommendations on the labels and don't go overboard.



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