How Much Do You Really Need To Spend To Get A Good Prostate Formula?

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Forget prostate tricks. Use a good supplement

In reality, a better title for this article might well be, "if you're already taking a prostate supplement, do you ever wonder if you're getting ripped off?"

I get the assumptions people make when they hear about a product (like a prostate formula) that costs a lot and promises great results.

All other things being equal, there is a reason why some things cost more than others.

On the other hand, legend says this guy named P. T. Barnum often said, "there's a sucker born every minute."

So, with prostate supplements the question is: do you always get what you pay for?

I've looked into this stuff for a long time now. And what I've discovered is that SOMETIMES, you get what you pay for.


Sometimes, people are just plain getting ripped off.

And that's the problem, right there.

Look. If you're here, you already know you have a problem.

It happens. As we age, things change. Your changing prostate is part of that. And you know you need to do something about it. Life happens. You deal with things as they come.

Maybe this is a new problem for you. Maybe you've tried supplements before, but you're not sure if you're getting as good a result as you should, or if you're spending more than you have to.

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If this is a new problem for you:

What do you do about it? Drugs? Surgery?

And if you do opt for the "western medicine" route, with prescriptions and/or surgical procedures, are there side-effects for your sex life?

This part of our anatomy has a lot to do with how we feel about being a man.

This isn't a game. This affects your lifestyle and vitality. And your dignity, when it comes down to it. 

If you've already tried some supplements:

If you've already tried prostate supplements before, and you're looking here, it likely means you're either unsatisfied with your results, or you're wondering if you have to pay so much money to keep it up.

Do prostate supplements really need to cost as much as the online brands and the TV brands demand for a price?

Unfortunately, with some things (like prostate formulas) you DON'T always get what you think you are paying for.

Sometimes a slick infomercial or a slick sales video can convince you that the product you're looking at is the deal of a lifetime: yeah, it's expensive, but damn it, Jim, you're getting something you can't get anywhere else.

But that's not always true.

Fact: some products are more expensive because of the costs of advertising them, and not because of the amount or the quality of the ingredients.

These videos cost a ton of money to produce. And when advertising costs (or commissions for affiliates) get high, they bake that cost into the price of the product.

That is the reason I recommend this prostate supplement. It's called VigRX Prostate Support.

After a lot of research, I've found that this one gives you the most and the best result for your money. 

You've probably never heard of it before. That's because they don't do a lot of advertising.

And although they do compensate affiliates for the product, they do it reasonably, which keeps the costs lower for you. 

Everyone wins.

Quick note right here. If you can trust me with your email, I can send you some info that I can't put here on this page. I can show you how this really is the best value for your money compared to other online and TV/radio brands.

Drop in your best email here.

Prostate supplements aren't rocket science.

There are the same or similar ingredients in most of these products. Just in different proportions and amounts.

Some of the ads sound like it's rocket science and they have "finally" found "the secret."

These ads that promise some easy "trick" to get your prostate to flow like you're a teenager again.

Those ads annoy the hell out of me.

You click on one, only to find out you have to sit through a half-hour informercial before they even tell you "how much."

And if you pay all that extra money for something online or off the TV compared to the drug store, you're still left wondering if you've got anything different than what you can get at Walmart.

Can I tell you anything different than what you already know?

Maybe. Actually, I think I can.

Look. I'm a just a dude. With a prostate. I'm not famous and I'm not a Ph. D. in "prostatology" or anything.

But, by now, after doing this for a while, I've learned A LOT about these products, and about what's in them, and what makes them work.

And I've also learned why some of them cost so damned much, when they don't really have to. 

As I said before, things like advertising costs or huge sales commissions for the people who pay money to get videos in front of you to convince you they have something NO ONE ELSE has.

They don't.

And, with respect for the TV guy and his research, many doctors and researchers think he's wrong.

The studies from some the many sources and research papers seem to disagree with what he says in the informercials.

After doing a lot of research online at places like Cleveland Clinic[1], Harvard Medical School[2], the Mayo Clinic[3] and the National Institutes Of Health website (The NIH)[4] I finally figured out why the "TV guy" stuff never worked for me.

I had to figure this out after I tried that stuff from the informercials and it didn't work (for me).

That's all I'm saying. Not saying it wouldn't work for you. But...

For me, the TV stuff wasn't "the deal."

So I wanted to find out what "the deal" is, actually, with these formulas: what is in them, what the doctors and the studies say about the ingredients. I wanted to find out FOR MYSELF what the research said.

For me, the VigRX worked when the TV stuff did not. 

VigRX Prostate Support for Prostate Health

And I wanted to find out why.

If you look elsewhere on my site, you'll see I've written a lot of reviews on prostate formulas, articles on what ingredients work best for prostate health and what a good product review looks like.

I found the VigRX in doing all this research. It's good stuff.

But now, maybe you're asking yourself the question I was mulling over for a while.

Why does the VigRX work for me when the famous TV brand did not?

I can't tell you all the answers, but the simple fact is that people are different. 

You and I have different genetics, different diet and exercise habits. We may have started to take this problem seriously at different stages along the journey. 

But there are some "facts." There is a lot of stuff you could know if you want to, but let's look at the highlight reel here.

VigRX Prostate Support is NOT the only formula like it. It's just the best value for the dollar of any I've seen out there.

My number one pick, after analyzing all the data, looking at all the contents from all the labels, digging through to see why some are so cheap and others are so expensive, is this one. VigRX Prostate Support.

I've come to the conclusion that for the typical guy with the typical prostate problem, there is no better value for the money and no better approach to keeping your prostate in its optimal condition. Not even any of the formulas that boast huge amounts of Beta Sitosterol without the other stuff.

Ironically, the biggest disappointment for me (as a guy who promotes products like this) is that their website is so "plain." They don't have a slick infomercial. The website just shows the product, lists what is in it, and shows you how to buy it (at a much better price than any competitive product).

But aesthetics issues aside, this one is "the real deal."

VigRX Prostate Support for Prostate Health

But let me tell you why VigRX Prostate Support is the best and the best value for the dollar.

Beta Sitosterol Matters.

The TV brands talk about beta sitosterol. And there is ample research to show that sufficient amounts of this supplement in your diet does give your body some of the nutrients it needs to optimize prostate health - ease of flow, decrease in trips to the bathroom and the like.

But contrary to the blanket statement in the infomercial, Beta Sitosterol is not the whole story.

Other ingredients besides Beta Sitosterol are crucial for a well-rounded prostate support supplement.

There are other ingredients that help your body maintain optimal prostate health.

Studies at the NIH list benefits of pumpkin seed extract[5], stinging nettle root[6], pygeum bark extract[7] and saw palmetto[8]. just to name a few.

By the way, when I say "studies," I'm talking about papers published where they not only chart reduction of felt symptoms over time. They also tabulate measured results - like ultrasound testing to measure urine retention and prostate size and the like. These are real, honest, objective scientific studies.

And, in fact, these clinically presented studies suggest that these ingredients used together with beta sitosterol provide enhanced results more so than just the Beta Sitosterol by itself.

Here is another thing you should know.

Some of the other ingredients have actually been shown to reduce the size of the prostate.

This is the kicker. That study referred to above shows that ingredients like stinging nettle root may actually reduce the size of the prostate over time.

The studies I've been able to find do NOT show that the Beta Sitosterol, by itself, has any affect at reducing enlargement.

Beta sitosterol doesn't seem to be able to make that claim. So if you're taking a "beta sitosterol-only" formula, it will probably help with symptoms (for a while, anyway).

But the TV brands don't have the other stuff, some of which has been documented to reverse prostate enlargement over time.

If you think about it, if the TV brands don't stop growth (let alone potentially reverse it) then maybe you're just buying time?

So perhaps if you're late to the game with supplementing, you need something that might actually have a fighting chance of helping your body "correct the overgrowth," so to speak.

Now, as I said before,

VigRX Prostate Support isn't the only online brand that has all these ingredients. But it definitely is  the best one.

Why am I so big on the VigRX Prostate Support?

In a word, it's value for your dollar.

You see, these products are a huge market, and the people who promote them get paid big commissions to put some of these brands in front of you, hoping you'll click on one of their affiliate links to buy them.

I wrote about this elsewhere. If you look at what a good product review should look like, you'll see there are a lot of things that affect the cost of the product that do anything BUT give YOU more for your money. 

If I was promoting one of those other products as the "go to" product, I would bet a bigger incentive from those manufacturers than I do from the company behind VigRX.

But I do alright. And I'm more concerned about you getting what you need for a price you can afford.

These other brands that are promoted out there have essentially the same ingredients. They're just not as concentrated, and/or they're much more expensive for what you get.

But they pay higher "finder's fees" to the people who promote them. It's a trade-off.

It's simple math, when you do head-to-head comparisons of the contents of the different brands, whether on the grocery shelf, or from the pharmacy, or from some slick video sales presentation.

The price is pretty darn reasonable.

VigRX  Prostate Support, from the website:

  • one month's worth - $49.95 US

  • Three month's worth, $109.95 (about $36.50 US per bottle)

  • A Six Month's supply is $209.95 (that's about $34.99 US per bottle)

At these prices, you're doing better than for what you could get anything comparable in a store. You really are.

I think this one is a serious no-brainer.

And I hate to see people get ripped off.

Like I said, this stuff isn't rocket science. It's just good nutrition for your prostate.

In one way, this stuff is like all the others.

You see, after all the research, there are some things that are proven to work. And in that sense, this one has the same essential ingredients as these others out there. It has same real and helpful effects. And the others do, too.

But in one specific way, it's better than all the rest.

It's "better" simply because it's the smartest alternative. The reason is simply because with this one, you get more of the same stuff for your money.

Be smart, save money, get the best results for less.

Trust me. It's worth a try. For me, it worked, when the TV-brand stuff did not.

You're best off to go ahead and order a 3 or 6 month supply because it's even cheaper if you do. And it comes with a 67-day, money-back guarantee. You can use it and see that it works for you, or they will refund your money.

Get VigRX Prostate Support HERE

VigRX Prostate Support for Prostate Health

If you want to see more info about this (and if you haven't yet, after me bugging you four times to do it) drop in your best email address and let me show you the price comparison for yourself.

But in the meantime, do yourself a favor and order the VigRX. You've got 67 days to try it and see for yourself it works. And I will rush you out the report to show you why you made the right decision after all.


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