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PX7 Primal Flow vs Fluxactive Complete: 2 VERY Different Approaches To The Same Problem


Product Comparison:PX7 Primal Flow vs Fluxactive Complete.

In this product review I take a look at two prostate support formulas: PX7 Primal Flow and Fluxactive Complete. They are two brands of prostate supplements that, like most, boast about all-natural ingredients. And they both seem to get pretty good reviews for dealing with the common problem that men deal with as they age.

Note: This review could also be considered "Vitalflow vs Fluxactive complete."

In another review, I show that PX7 Primal Flow and Vitalflow are EXACTLY THE SAME PRODUCT with different labels.

Also, you should note that if you're looking to go the "PX7 Primal Flow" or "Vitalflow" route, there is a much better alternative to either of these. But I will say more about that a little later.

Major Point: these products are two completely different formulations!

Fluxactive Complete is a MUCH different type of formulation than ANY of the formulas like PX7.

I've been doing reviews of different prostate supplements for a while now. And they run the whole range from cheap to downright pricey, and from great all the way down to mediocre.

My problem in writing this review is that so far, I've had a bit of a tough time pinning down any specific studies dealing with the specifics of the ingredients in the Fluxactive and how they specifically address the claims about how it does what it does.

But I will get to that later. For now, let's look at the two products in question.

Let's dive into the review

If you're curious about my intended "review methodology," I write here about how I am developing my product reviews. This one is intended to follow the same formula.

In this article, at a glance:

(If you're new to investigating prostate support supplement, you'll want to be aware of those things.) Also,

And if you're already familiar with all of this and want to cut to the review specifically about PX7 Primal Flow vs Fluxactive Complete, click HERE to jump down to the second half of the article:

VigRX Prostate Supplement Review: Best In Class

Why I wrote this post

I decided to try to tackle this "comparison" of these two products because this "Fluxactive Complete" formula is so different from most of what else is out there that it seemed worth checking it out.

If you've not looked around much at the site, you should. I've done some research into some of these other formulas. And I've compiled quite a database of sorts regarding what is in these competing brands. I think people appreciate the deep dives into some of these products.

Take a quick look at this chart to see what I mean.

This is a quick shot of part of my "product database" I've put together.

Prostate Formulas Broad Overview

Don't get too sidetracked with the specific numbers in those charts. That's not the point.

I just want you to see that I am big on the actual formulations and the numbers behind them. I think it's important to look into the numbers and into the double-blind studies on these different ingredients.

But for now, let's look first at the need for these formulas in the first place.

Why men need prostate supplement formulas

Prostate formulas, generally, are designed to help reduce the symptoms of some of these effects from aging:

  • more frequent urges to urinate
  • pain or discomfort while urinating
  • it takes a while to "start the flow"
  • when it does start, it is a weak stream
  • more frequent trips to the bathroom at night.

Why you want to use natural products to treat prostate enlargement if you can

Again, you probably already know this if you are at this point in comparing natural prostate products, but the bottom line is that your body is designed and optimized to work with natural products.

Now, there can sometimes be side effects from natural products, too. But there are always side effects to pharmaceuticals.

It's probably smart to avoid them if you can. (As I often say, I'm neither a doctor nor the son of a doctor, although I'm the father of a guy who almost is, but that's another story). So ALWAYS take the advice of your healthcare professional on these matters. But in my books, natural is always better if possible.

So how do PX7 Primal Flow and Fluxactive stack up against each other (and to the broader market of prostate supplements)?

Well, as I said in the beginning here with the spoiler alert, they're two different animals, for sure. 

Below is a graphic I developed showing in chart form the similarities and differences between these two prostate formulas.

Prostagenix vs VigRX Prostate Support: Which Is Better?

Let's walk through the features of these two products based on:

  • what is different between them
  • what they share in common (very little, actually)
  • what other brands, if any, might be worth looking at instead?

Keep this chart in mind as I walk through the lists of ingredients. I will refer to it as I go through each of the above points.

Fluxactive Complete vs PX7 Primal Flow and others

What is unique to PX7 Primal Flow?

The PX7 Primal Flow is one of many formulas that contain the following:

  • Some good amounts of Beta Sitosterol. But in addition to that, they have....
  • Herb mixes (goldenseal, green tea, uva ursi, burdock root)
  • familiar things you might be surprised about - Broccoli, Cayenne Pepper
  • amino acids - L-Alanine, L-Glycine, L-Glutamic acid...
  • Some essential "standard" ingredients that are listed with the NIH as working well for prostate health: Pumpkin Seed extract, Stinging Nettle, Saw Palmetto extract and Pygeum Bark.

Based on the data in the research papers (in places like the studies at the National Institutes of Health) the studies all consistently point to this important conclusion: these ingredients are as effective as plant sterols by themselves (like Prostagenix does).

And in addition, the saw palmetto has been shown to actually help in reducing size of the prostate.

What is unique to Fluxactive Complete?

Compared to what else is out there, the ingredients in Fluxactive complete are pretty much a unique list. Some of these ingredients in this stuff are found in other types of male supplements (such as "semen volumizers") which is interesting.

Obviously the various functions of the prostate and issues of prostate health all overlap. So at first thought, there might be a unique angle to this Fluxactive formula. 

But if you look at the chart, you'll see there is a group of ingredients in this stuff that isn't found in any of the other prostate supplements I've looked at yet.

Fluxactive's claim is that it deals well with actually shrinking the prostate over time BY DEALING WITH YOUR INSULIN ISSUES.

If you watch the video for Fluxactive complete, you'll eventually get to the part where they discuss the reason that "most prostate products get it wrong." They claim their formula is "revolutionary."

Now, it might be revolutionary. It's quite different than most anything out there that claims to be a prostate support supplement.

What do PX7 Primal Flow and Fluxactive have in common with other brands?

The PX7 Primal Flow is very similar to many others. Most of them have this combination of these ingredients - plant sterols (especially beta sitosterol) along with the stinging nettle, the pumpkin seed extract and the saw palmetto.

8 Best Prostate Health Supplements (2023): Choosing The Right One

Honestly, I just haven't seen other brands yet that seem to compare to the formulation in the Fluxactive.

Are there other products worth considering?

There are a lot of products out there and many of them seem to be very good and get reasonably good reviews from customers.

If you're looking to try something like PX7, I would highly recommend that you look (instead) at VigRX Prostate Support. And there is a simple reason for this.

It has to do with what you get for your money.

If you compare the two products side by side, you'll see that the ingredients lists between PX7 and VigRX are virtually identical; except that the amount in each daily dose is 50% MORE with the VigRX compared to the PX7, but for the same price.

For me, the jury is still out.

I'm still doing research on the ingredients listed in the Fluxactive Complete. They claim these ingredients address a hormone imbalance issue that causes insulin problems, and that these insulin issues are responsible for the excess tissue growth.

I haven't found these studies yet that they reference in the marketing video. So I will keep looking. And in the meantime, you might want to watch the marketing video from Fluxactive.

It covers a lot of stuff you probably already know if you've been looking up prostate support products before. But once you get into the video, they do describe in detail how this formula works specifically to deal with the "insulin problem" and the IGF-1 receptors.

If  they do have this right, it might just be a formula that will work for you if you've not had success with the more standard formulas.

Click HERE for the video.

It is quite informative regarding their approach to prostate care.

Conclusion: In my opinion, if you're going to try the more common type of formula, you could go with the PX7 Primal Flow. But you get a heck of a lot more of the same stuff for the same price with the VigRX Prostate Support.

If you've tried the plant sterol, stinging nettle root and it hasn't worked for you, perhaps you're dealing with an insulin issue, in which case, give the Fluxactive a try. I think it's in a class of its own.

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