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PX7 Primal Flow vs VitalFlow: Is One Better Than The Other?


Product Comparison:PX7 Primal Flow vs VitalFlow 

In this product review I do a comparison of two prostate support formulas: PX7 Primal Flow vs VitalFlow. They are two different prostate supplement brands that boast about all-natural ingredients.

In reality, these two prostate supplements are definitely kissing cousins if not brothers). But,

Are they good? And just as important, is one better than the other?

In this review, I will cover a bit about prostate supplements in general, and then some specifics about these formulas: how they compare, what's the same and what's different.

In this article, at a glance:

  • The need for this post (why I wrote)

(If you're new to all of this stuff, you'll want to be aware of those things.) Then,

  • What happens to the prostate as we age
  • Why you want to treat enlarged prostate with natural products if you can

And if you're already familiar with all of this and want to cut to the review specifically about PX7 Primal Flow vs Vitalflow, click HERE to jump down to the second half of the article:

  • What is unique in both of these formulas compared to everything else
  • What is unique to PX7 Pro
  • What is unique to Vitalflow
  • What is common in other formulas besides these two
  • Links to these products

Why I wrote this post

I wrote an article recently about prostate supplements and what you need to know about them and how they're marketed. In that, I covered some of the primary similarities and differences between a number of the formulas on the market.

But it seemed to be a good idea (because of the way "the monster search engine" ranks pages and websites) to write this post as a means of finding a way to connect more immediately with people interested in comparing these two specific products.

Why grown (older men) need prostate supplement formulas

I could be crude and simply say that if you're looking them up (especially if you're already searching these brands, you probably already know why.

The short form is that as we age, our bodies tend to produce less testosterone. And in addition to that, even men produce estrogen. But some of that estrogen is in a bad form that can contribute to prostate enlargement (and also, sometimes, to cancerous situations in the prostate).

Prostate formulas, generally, are designed to help reduce the symptoms of some of these effects from aging.

Why you want to use natural products to treat prostate enlargement if you can

Again, you probably already know this if you are at this point in comparing natural prostate products, but the bottom line is that your body is designed and optimized to work with natural products. There are sometimes side effects from natural products, too.

But there are always side effects to pharmaceuticals. It's probably smart to avoid them if you can. (As I often say, I'm neither a doctor nor the son of a doctor, although I'm the father of a guy who almost is, but that's another story). So ALWAYS take the advice of your healthcare professional on these matters. But in my books, natural is always better if possible.

So how do PX7 Primal Flow and Vitalflow stack up?

Well, as I said in the beginning here with the spoiler alert, they're virtually the same product. In fact, I'd be willing to bet a wooden nickel they're made by the same factory.

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I'm actually willing to bet they're marketed as competing products by two different companies for the primary reason of simply capturing a bigger market share. But they're virtually the same thing.

Now, that's not necessarily a bad thing. That's marketing. And if the product works, then whatever it takes to get it to you.... 

Take a look, if you're curious, at an article I wrote about the different ways various prostate products are marketed. And for the record, both of these products are marketed by internet affiliate links. (I provide links to these, myself, by the way. Should you decide to click on one of my links and purchase from the link, it does help me keep the website going.)

So, how do these two prostate supplements compare to each other (and to the broader market)?

Below is a graphic I developed showing in chart form the similarities and differences between these two prostate formulas.

Let's walk through the features of these two products based on:

  • what makes them unique in the market compared to everything else out there
  • what is (slightly) different between them
  • what they share in common with other brands
  • what other brands, if any, might be worth looking at instead?

Keep this chart in mind as I walk through the lists of ingredients. I will refer to it as I go through each of the above points.

PX7 Primal Flow Vs Vitalflow

What do these two formulas offer that other products do not have?

Let's start at the top of the chart. In that first section, I see 4 ingredients that are not present in any of the other supplements I looked at in another article (where I look at some broad strokes of about a dozen different formulas).

Of that dozen or so other brands and products, there are a couple ingredients unique to PX7 Primal Flow and Vitalflow that are not found in any of the others: those are green tea leaf and selenium gluconate.

What is unique to PX7 Primal Flow?

In addition two those two ingredients, the PX7 contains annona muricata leaf. This is not found in anything else out there (that I have found). But keep in mind it shares about 40 ingredients with Vitalflow.

If you look at my other article you'll see they share much of the same proprietary blend and most of the other ingredients in common.

So the ONLY unique ingredient is 50 mg of the annona muricata.  

What is unique to Vitalflow?

The unique ingredient in Vitalflow is soursoup leaf. And that is about it for the differences. Can you see why I'm suspecting it was just enough of a tweak to the formula to be able to advertise it as a separate formula with a separate brand?

These brands both offer a formula of about 1,075 grams of total ingredients, and the differences are negligible - maybe 1/10th of a gram in different formulation.

Realistically, I'm inclined to say they're "the same." And....

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Guess what? Annona Muricata IS Soursoup.

They're the SAME THING. Identical.

It's the color of the bottle.

What do PX7 Primal Flow and Vitalflow have in common with other brands?

Well, let's look at the major ingredients in these formulations. Of that approximately 1075 or so grams of daily ingredients, there are three predominant things that I see worthy of note:

  • 300 mg of plant sterol complex
  • 200 mg of saw palmetto berries
  • 142 mg of the "propietary blend" of about 14 ingredients, consisting of: various amino acids (L-Alinine, L-Glycine), some calcium and quercetin, and various herbs known for helping with prostate issues.
  • a mix of some mushrooms, some vitamins and minerals.

These are pretty common to a lot of other products. 

Are there other products worth considering?

It's an interesting question.

When I first started digging into all of this stuff, I came across a couple other brands that looked almost identical. You can, in fact, see them in the other chart I posted on the other page about "prostate supplement reviews."

The two brands in question that I'm thinking of are Prostafen and Prostavol.

Except, here's the thing.... I can't for the life of me find a source for Prostavol anywhere.

Now, you'd think it was available. There are a whole bunch of reviews that mention them, all covering the same data points, trying to make distinctions without a difference.

And all the reviews I find for both of them talk about how good they are, but don't provide links to where you can get them. I'm expecting it is last year's brand of PX7 Primal Flow. Or maybe last year's version of Vitalflow.

So many of those review pages talk about how good those products are - top of the list good - and then proceed to point to other products that are good, with links.

But the product they review isn't even available anymore. Are you beginning to see the picture?

I think the reviews are recycled. They rave about what I would look for and then switch to talking about something else. 

I can understand why people get confused.

Are there other products currently available worth considering?

You might want to look at Prostagenix and Super Beta Prostate. I don't have links to those. (They don't sell by affiliate marketing, either.)

They are sold by radio and TV commercials. They make a boast about plant sterols. Keep in mind, if you're looking for reviews of these products, they're not as uniformly glowing as for products like PX7 and Vitalflow. And that is because of marketing bias. It's a fact of internet life.

Are plant sterols "all that?"

I honestly don't know. I know that Super Beta Prostate boasts TWICE the amount of plant sterols that either of these contain. But on the other hand, another famous radio/TV brand - Prostagenix - has NONE. So obviously there is more than one way to assist the prostate symptoms.

And keep in mind that Super Beta Prostate and Prostagenix are promoted heavily on radio and television. If you think products only sold over the internet are expensive, keep in mind the costs of radio and TV ads.

Speaking of other ways to deal with symptoms, I've been looking into the connection between estrogen and prostate enlargement in men. (Also, male estrogen and prostate cancers.) As a result, I've started taking a product called Dim3X (with an active ingredient called "Diindolylmethane").

VigRX Prostate Support vs PX7 Primal Flow: One Clear Winner In This Battle

According to their team doctor, is specifically formulated to reduce male estrogen and help convert it to testosterone. Two birds with one stone. So far, so good. I'm beginning to realize that DIM - diindolylmethane - may be the best thing I've found by personal experience for relief of prostate issues.

But that's just me. Can't guarantee the same for anyone else. But it is my story so far.

Anyway, not sure that the guys at SBP are correct about beta sitosterol being the only thing that matters. 

Not convinced the saw palmetto, pumpkin seed and other things do nothing. I've been finding some relief from Vitalflow (in conjunction with another one - Fluxactive Complete) - with an entirely different set of ingredients. See this article where I talk about the Fluxactive Complete.

It seems to be the combination of these two together - Vitalflow and Fluxactive Complete - which are making a difference for me.

What about Price?

Between the PX7 Primal Flow and The Vitalflow, I can say that it used to be the Vitalflow had the advantage. But it looks as of late that they've lowered the price on the PX7 so they're the same.

The prices for these products are as follows:

  • PX7 Primal Flow is is $69 (USD) for one bottle; $59 (USD) per bottle if you order 3; and $49 (USD) per bottle if you order 6.
  • Vitalflow is is $69 (USD) for one bottle; $59 (USD) per bottle if you order 3; and $49 (USD) per bottle if you order 6.

Now, if you're going to compare to the brands on the shelf in the stores, you're probably going to find these more costly. But if you look at quantities of ingredients, you actually get more in each daily dose with these anyway.

It more than evens out to pay for quality.

Conclusion: In my opinion, if you want a white bottle, buy the Vitalflow. If you want a black bottle, buy the Primal Flow. Otherwise, the same darn thing, both marketed through the same affiliate company. And in my experience, try it with the Fluxactive Complete for a more synergistic effect.

AND.... if you REALLY want value for the money, read THIS article about VigRX. It's better than either of these, and less expensive, too!

Let me show you a quick chart here to see why you get so much more bang for the buck with VigRX Prostate Support.

VigRX Prostate Support vs PX7 Primal Flow

Here is the thing: you can get any of these three products and they are essentially the same as far as product composition is concerned. But the value in the VigRX Prostate Support is hands-down better.

That is why I always recommend it if you're looking at the others.

One clear winner: VigRX Prostate Support.

The bomb (although you get a bigger bomb in the VigRX

The other bomb

The Bomb (although, like I said, you get more value in the VigRX

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