There Are No Prostate “Tricks.” But There Are Supplements. This Is The Real Deal On Which Is Best.


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Forget prostate tricks. Use a good supplement

Tired of seeing all the ads for different prostate formulas? Not even sure what to make of it all, anymore?

I can't say I blame you. Been there.

Have you clicked on ads that promise some easy "trick" to get your prostate to flow like you're a teenager again, only to find yourself sitting through a half-hour informercial so you can find out how much it costs, and if it's really anything different than what you can get at Walgreen's or the Walmart pharmacy?

Has the whole process left you a little frustrated?

Been there a lot myself, too.

If you drop in your best email, I can send you some info on why the formula I recommend is the best value for  your money. It works, and you don't get ripped off.

So, can I tell you anything different than what you already know?

Maybe. I've learned a lot over the last couple years digging into this stuff.

I'm not famous and I'm not a Ph. D. in "prostatology" or anything anyway. So, it doesn't really matter who I am except that I'm a guy, with a prostate.

Call me "Roo Ninja." (Yup. It's a pen name.) And no, I'm not going to tell you my real name.

But let's be honest.

Would YOU put your name all over a website talking about this problem?

I decided that I could feel a lot more comfortable talking about this as "Mr. Anonymous."

So, what should you know about me? I'm a dude. That means I have a prostate.

More specifically, I'm a dude with a good IQ, some insatiable curiosity, a good ability to do research and comparative analysis. And I've learned to read between the lines in all the types of literature I come across.

And if it helps, I have some kids, one of which is starting to turn some heads in the medical community with some cutting-edge research he is doing on natural health and healing.

We compare notes a lot.

But most importantly, when it comes to prostate health and prostate formulas,

I have a pretty good bullshit detector, too. 

Hopefully, my use of the term "bullshit" didn't put you off, there. But if you've been curious about these formulas for a while, you've probably waded through it ankle deep with some of the ads and informercials already.

So give me a chance to shoot straight from the hip and tell you what I've learned.

Also, just be aware that this article does contain "affiliate links." That means if you think what I'm saying is worth the read, and you click on a link here and decide to try one of the products I recommend, I get a "finder's fee" from the company that makes the stuff.

It doesn't cost you extra. But it is their way of compensating me for my efforts in trying to write a helpful article that might help you with your problem.

Because, let's face it....

If you're here, it's probably because you do have a problem. Maybe you've tried prostate supplements before, too - something off the shelf from Rite-Aid or Walgreens, perhaps.

I'm a dude in my 60's now, and things were pretty good health-wise overall for most of my life. But as I hit the 60 number, things started to slow down a bit. Getting up in the night, sometimes more than once.

Sometimes I would plan my trips around how close I knew I would be to a bathroom if I needed it.

And I tried some different things - different teas, pills and stuff. Results were mixed.

I tried a few of the formulas from the corner drug store and off the grocery store shelf. Wasn't sure what I was looking for, not sure if I was wasting my money.

I even watched the slick informercial from Larry King about his recommendation for prostate relief

You've maybe seen Larry in his really slick informercial about a product called "Prostagenix." The guy on the informercial says he did all the research.

And that dude says all of the research says there is only one ingredient in all these formulas that makes any difference at all. And that ingredient is "beta sitosterol."

According to Larry's expert (who is a sports guy, not a doctor) none of the other ingredients in all these other formulas out there do jack all for you.

According to him, beta sitosterol is "the only thing" that matters. He says the other stuff is a waste of money.

It sounds good. I actually ordered some of that stuff because of that commercial and how well it sold me on that concept.

But is that true? Is Beta Sitosterol the only thing that matters in a prostate formula?

PX7 Primal Flow vs VitalFlow: Is One Better Than The Other?

Well, the fact is, 

When I tried the Larry King stuff, it just didn't work for me.

I'm not knocking Prostagenix, necessarily. It does seem to get some good reviews, and for some guys it works, apparently.

But it didn't work for me. That's all I'm saying. For me, it wasn't "the deal."

So I wanted to find out what "the deal" is, actually, with these formulas: what is in them, what the doctors and the studies say about the ingredients. I wanted to find out what the research said.

If you look elsewhere on my site, you'll see I've written a lot of reviews on prostate formulas, articles on what ingredients work best for prostate health and what a good product review looks like.

After doing some extensive searching of the databases at Cleveland Clinic[1], Mayo Clinic[2], Harvard Medical school[3] and the vast library of research at the National Institutes of Health (the NIH)[4] I have to respectfully disagree with that "Larry KIng" guy. Contrary to what his research says, Beta Sitosterol is NOT the ONLY thing that matters.

And after my research, I did find something that DID work for me.

I think it's worth a try for you, too.

So now, maybe you're asking yourself the question I was mulling over for a while. Why does the one I use work for me when the Prostagenix did not?

I can't tell you all the answers, but the simple fact is that people are different. 

You and I have different genetics, different diet and exercise habits. We may have started to take this problem seriously at different stages along the journey. Or maybe (maybe) there is something else a little more serious (like prostate cancer) and, by the way, it would be good to get checked for that, too.

But your weight and overall health, your cholesterol levels, your diet and vitamin supplements, your lifestyle, how much you do or don't drink (or smoke, or exercise) all factor into your overall health. And your prostate health is part of that.

But with all that in mind, you should know that I did a lot of learning and researching about prostate health and prostate supplements, based on the studies at the various authoritative sites like the ones I mentioned above.

And I found out some stuff - some "facts." There is a lot of stuff you could know if you want to, but let's look at the highlight reel here.

Here are the facts, based on the clinical websites:

  • Beta Sitosterol is ONE OF the useful ingredients in a good prostate supplement
  • Beta Sitosterol is not the only ingredient that matters
  • There are others - particularly pumpkin seed extract, nettle root and saw palmetto that also affect prostate health
  • Some of these ingredients work even better when combined with Beta Sitosterol.
  • Some of these other ingredients can actually reverse the "overgrowth" of the prostate cells
  • Beta Sitosterol doesn't actually seem to have clinical evidence that it can help reverse the enlargement. But some of these other ingredients DO seem to show this in the studies.

If you want to know where I'm going with this, I can tell you where I will end up.

I will tell you that after all my reviews of the products out there that I've looked at, I see one that gives you more for your money of all the best stuff.

If you want the spoiler alert, the one I found that works best is "VigRX Prostate Support."

My number one pick, after analyzing all the data, looking at all the contents from all the labels, digging through to see why some are so cheap and others are so expensive, is this one. VigRX Prostate Support.

I've come to the conclusion that for the typical guy with the typical prostate problem, there is no better value for the money and no better approach to keeping your prostate in its optimal condition. Not even Prostagenix or Super Beta Prostate, no matter what the informercials tell you.

Ironically, the biggest disappointment for me (as a guy who promotes products like this) is that their website is so "plain." They don't have a slick infomercial. The website just shows the product, lists what is in it, and shows you how to buy it (at a much better price than any competitive product).

But aesthetics issues aside, this is "the real deal."

VigRX Prostate Support for Prostate Health

However, so you can see what I mean, I want to give you a little more info.

Assuming you want to see the info and make your own conclusions, I will walk you through some of the data I have found, and hopefully you'll see why I'm pointing you in this direction.

PX7 Primal Flow vs Fluxactive Complete: 2 VERY Different Approaches To The Same Problem

This isn't the only product like this. There are others. But the reason this is "the one" for me, and why I buy this one is because of all the ones like it, this one gives you the best value for the money.

If you can take a few minutes to read what I'm telling you here, you will have enough data to understand why I say so.

I'm betting you'll see why the VigRX is probably the best one for you, too. And I can show you it's the best bang for your buck.

But, let's look at the points above, one at a time. See if you come to the same conclusion I did, and if you can see why this stuff seems to do for most guys what I've suggested it can do, and why they keep using it. 

The facts, again, with a little more detail about Beta Sitosterol and "the other ingredients."

Beta Sitosterol Matters.

Larry's guy is at least partly right: beta sitosterol definitely matters in a good prostate supplement.

There is ample research to show that sufficient amounts of this supplement in your diet does give your body some of the nutrients it needs to optimize prostate health - ease of flow, decrease in trips to the bathroom and the like.

So, yes. Beta Sitosterol matters. But contrary to the blanket statement in the slick Prostagenix "infomercial," it's not the whole story.

Other ingredients besides Beta Sitosterol are crucial for a well-rounded prostate support supplement.

There are other ingredients that have proven to be effective in helping your body maintain optimal prostate health. Studies at the NIH list benefits of pumpkin seed extract[5], stinging nettle root[6], pygeum bark extract[7] and saw palmetto[8]. just to name a few.

These studies list the benefits of all of these ingredients in prostate care, showing that they all can contribute greatly to overall prostate health, at least as much as the beta sitosterol.

By the way, when I say "studies," I'm talking about papers published where they not only chart reduction of felt symptoms over time. They also tabulate measured results - like ultrasound testing to measure urine retention and prostate size and the like. These are real, honest, objective scientific studies.

And, in fact, these clinically presented studies suggest that these ingredients used together with beta sitosterol provide enhanced results more so than just the Beta Sitosterol by itself.

Here is another thing you should know.

Some of the other ingredients have actually been shown to reduce the size of the prostate.

This is the kicker. That study referred to above shows that ingredients like stinging nettle root may actually reduce the size of the prostate over time.

The studies I've been able to find do NOT show that the Beta Sitosterol, by itself, has any affect at reducing enlargement.

Beta sitosterol doesn't seem to be able to make that claim. The Prostagenix type formulas (sterols only) can alleviate symptoms (for a while, anyway) but if you think about it, if they don't stop growth (let alone potentially reverse it) then maybe you're just buying time?

So perhaps if you're late to the game with supplementing, you need something that might actually have a fighting chance of helping your body "correct the overgrowth," so to speak.

Time for a picture.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If you want to dig into this a bit, you'll see those main ingredients we talked about earlier, along with other types of ingredients, too.

VigRX Prostate vs Prostagenix: two different philosophies. Beta Sitosterol and other essentials vs Sterols only.

VigRX Prostate Support vs Prostagenix

You can see in the chart that the Prostagenix approach is to use plant sterols (alone) to alleviate symptoms. The VigRX approach is to use a combination of plant sterols that work synergistically with the other ingredients better than Beta Sitosterol alone, according to the studies at the NIH.

As we talked about above, you can see that the Prostagenix is a collection of some essential minerals you should be getting in a good multivitamin, and the plant sterol complex.

On the other hand, you can see the VigRX Prostate Support is a formulation of a beta sitosterol complex along with a host of herbal ingredients,

Notice the pumpkin seed, pygeum bark, stinging nettle and the saw palmetto that has actually been shown to be able to help reduce the size of the prostate.

According to the data considered on the NIH website, the VigRX formula is probably a better choice for prostate health.

There Are No Prostate "Tricks." But There Are Supplements. Get A Good One.

Now, VigRX Prostate Support isn't the only online brand that has all these ingredients. It's just the best one.

Let me explain what I mean.

It's amazing to see how many brands of prostate formulas there are out there. 

But as I said before, there are a number of different brands sold online, and they pretty much have the same ingredients. And you'll find each formula is just a wee bit different. But there are some ingredients that you're going to find in all of them, in varying combinations.

Essentially, they're minor variations of quantities and mixes of the same compounds.

If you look at "Gorilla Flow," "PX7 Primal Flow," "Vitalflow" and the "VigRX Prostate Support," you'll see essentially the same ingredients. At least, the most essential and best-researched ones - Pumpkin Seed Extract, Pygeum Bark, Saw Palmetto Berry and Stinging Nettle - are in all of them.

So why am I so big on the VigRX Prostate Support?

In a word, it's value for your dollar.

You see, these products are a huge market, and the people who promote them get paid big commissions to put some of these brands in front of you, hoping you'll click on one of their affiliate links to buy them.

If I was promoting PX7 Primal Flow or Vitalflow as the "go to" product, I would bet a bigger incentive from that manufacturer than I do from the company behind VigRX.

But I do alright. And I'm more concerned about you getting what you need for a price you can afford.

To show you what I mean, take a look at this chart. This is a comparison of the PX7 Primal Flow compared to the VigRX that sells for the same price. I could throw another chart in here, too. That is a chart that shows you that the PX7 and the Vitalflow are EXACTLY the same product.

VigRX Prostate vs PX7 Primal Flow - Roo Ninja

The fact is, even though they're made by two different companies, the formulations are virtually identical between the VigRX Prostate support and the "PX7/Vitalflow" formulas.

Essentially the exact same contents. But VigRX gives you enough in a month's supply for 3 capsules per day, where the PX7 gives you enough for two.

An extra capsule per day gives you half again as much every day in your system. For a BETTER PRICE.

Of these competing brands, VigRX Prostate Support is by far the best value for the dollar.

You get 50% more for the same price when you buy the VigRX Prostate Support.

As of today's date (2023/08) check the prices...

VitalFlow - one month's worth - $69.95 US. Three months, $177 ($59 US per bottle)

PX7 Primal Flow - one month's worth - $69.95 US. Three months, $177 ($59 US per bottle)

Gorilla Flow - one month's worth, $71 US. Three month's worth, $159 (about $53 US per bottle)

VigRX - one month's worth - $49.95 US. Three month's worth, $109.95 (about $36.50 US per bottle)

I think this one is a serious no-brainer.

And I hate to see people get ripped off.

I'm kind of on a mission with this. I'm tired of seeing people pay more than they have to in order to get what they need.

Honestly, I would personally be further ahead if you decide you want to try the "Gorilla Flow" or the "PX7 Primal Flow." They both incentivize me to push them at a higher compensation rate. But you'd be paying more than you need for what you need.

And when I promote the best value for your dollar, I sleep better at night.

This stuff is like all the others - like the Gorilla Flow, like the Viatlflow, Like the PX7 Primal Flow. But it's a smarter alternative because you get more of the same stuff for your money.

Trust me. It's worth a try. For me, it worked, when the Larry King stuff did not.

You're best off to go ahead and order a 3 or 6 month supply because it's even cheaper if you do. And it comes with a 67-day, money-back guarantee. You can use it and see that it works for you, or they will refund your money.

Get VigRX Prostate Support HERE

VigRX Prostate Support for Prostate Health