October 28

Semen Volumizers: Do They Work, And Could You Benefit From Using One?


Semen volumizers are designed to increase the production of semen. But, do they really work?

And, why would you want to do that? 

The short answer is: yes. They work. We are going to look at three brands here:

Semenax: best for the older guy

Volume Pills: especially good if you also struggle with premature ejaculation

VigRX Max Volume: looks like the best formula if you already take a lot of other supplements.

So, why use a supplement to increase semen volume?

The theory (which has been proven clinically) is that the pleasure achieved in the orgasmic response is driven in large part by the volume of seminal fluid building up, triggering the need for "release."

Now, in reality, there are a number of parts of the male anatomy that work together during the sexual cycle that are also involved in other normal bodily functions.

For instance, the prostate is involved in the sexual cycle. But the prostate is also in the pathway of the urinary tract. And so changes in the prostate as men age also affects the ability to pass urine freely. And sometimes, prostate enlargement issues can affect orgasmic response negatively.[4]

The plumbing is pretty complex, and, in fact, the orgasmic response isn't completely understood.[3]

There are a number of different causes for weak ejaculation.

Documented causes[2] for weaker (and typically, less pleasurable) male orgasm can include the following:

  • aging
  • otherwise overall health
  • testosterone levels
  • prostate condition
  • psychological factors
  • alcohol/tobacco/drug interactions

So, what can taking a supplement that increases semen production do for you?

There are several products on the market in the "male enhancement" space that are specifically designed for this purpose: they stimulate the body's ability to produce greater volumes of seminal fluid. And according to the studies, greater semen buildup in the genital system increases the need for release and the pleasure that comes during orgasm.

Some of these ingredients these volumizers also positively affect other things that men supplement for. So, in effect, they sort of serve "double duty."

Some of the ingredients in volumizers are also found in prostate health supplements, in testosterone boosters and even in supplements designed to help prevent premature ejaculation.

But of the most interest here, boosting your testosterone levels can help your body increase semen volume[1] (which contributes some to the level of pleasure in the orgasmic function).

What should you consider when choosing a volumizer?

The formulas in the three different volumizers we will look at here vary a fair bit. (There is more than one way to stimulate the production of semen, and more than one kind of supplement can effectively do the same thing.)

But depending on your age, health, interests, physical activity and what other supplements you take, you'll want to choose the best formula to match these other factors.

So let's look at these volumizers and consider them in terms of who they seem to be best for.

Semenax: the optimal choice for the older man.

Semenax has been on the market for a number of years and it gets a lot of great reviews.

The reason this one is a great pick for the older gentleman is because it contains a number of ingredients that serve "double-duty" as prostate support products.

It also contains L-Arganine which is helpful in boosting testosterone levels.

But if you're an older man, you'll likely benefit from supplementing with ingredients that support protate health and help prevent prostate enlargement. 

Saw Palmetto, Pumpkin Seed Extract and cranberry have all been documented to help with protecting against the effects of age regarding prostate enlargement. So if you're older, this stuff can't hurt in that department. And if you're taking a prostate supplement, this will complement that.

This one also is known to increase "senitivity" that is often lost with age. Older men report that it works specifically well for this purpose, too.

You can learn more about "Semenax" on the manufacturer's website HERE.


Volume Pills: a semen volumizer that also has ingredients that help with "PE."

If you're thinking of a semen volumizer to increase sexual pleasure, you're not wrong. That's exactly how "Volume Pills" work. But if you suffer from premature ejaculation (and a lot of guys do) then you might be wondering if something that increases pleasure might actually work against you.

But the beauty of this stuff is that one of it's active ingredients is also used to delay orgasm for men who suffer from PE.

San Guo Mu is well documented in traditional Chinese Medicine as an effective treatment for premature ejaculation.

So if you're a younger guy, or especially if you're struggling with PE, you should try this one to increase volume and also to increase your ability to "last longer."

It also has a host of rather unique herbal ingredients you've maybe never heard of before, but are all targeted at this one purpose of increasing semen volume:

You can learn more about "Volume Pills" on the manufacturer's website HERE.

If you DO struggle with 'PE,' you're not alone. And there IS help

VigRX Max Volume: If you already take a lot of other supplements, this is probably the one to look at.

"VigRX Max Volume" is a simple formula so you don't have to worry about "too much" of stuff you already get in other supplements. If you already take multivitamins or other supplements, you'll maybe do well to consider this one.

Advantages: Simple ingredient list: Lecithin, L-Arganine and Zinc.

No need to worry about strange reactions to any herbal ingredients you might not have used before.

L-Arganine is also good for erectile dysfunction.[5] Erectile function and orgasmic function are all part of the same overall process. So this also helps with nitric oxide production which helps with the ability to produce erections.

You can learn more about VigRX Max Volume at the manufacturer's website HERE.

A word from Roo here:

I'm an older guy (in my 60's) and I will tell you that my experience with this type of supplement has been pretty good. At my age, I was losing some sensitivity.

I've been using the Semenax for a little while now, and it has brought things back a little more to "auto pilot" and has restored some of the loss of sensitivity that seemed to have come with age.

It really does the trick. Try one of these supplements. I will swear by the Semenax, and the others seem to have great testimonials from the men who have used them.


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