February 7

The Very Real Science Of Male Enhancement


Is Male Sexual Enhancement a gimmick?

"Male enhancement" seems all the rage these days. Quite honestly, it's something that most men wouldn't have even heard of 40 years ago.

It's even gotten to the point where publications like Time Magazine have articles about this topic, and that it's a real thing that can really be done.

In fact, "female enhancement" is now a topic discussed freely, too. And that's a good thing. Because it's not really good for you unless it's good for her, too.

But times change. In an article called, "Male Enhancement Defined," author Robert Stone does a good review of what this topic male enhancement is about and why you should be aware of it and how it can benefit your sexual health and satisfaction.

And the methods he covers are a LOT easier to achieve than the Time Magazine article would suggest.

What the article covers

Robert hits on the following topics:

  • Is this whole thing a scam?
  • will it make your penis larger?
  • does male enhancement fix erectile dysfunction?
  • how is it different than using Cialis or Viagra?
  • how are these products used?
  • Are these products safe?
  • How long do they take to work?

Is it a scam, really?

No doubt many people assume it's a scam. And quite honestly, the way some of these products are promoted (especially on places like porn sites, which are not based in much reality at all) they promise many inches of growth in a few short days.

But as Robert says,

There are also proven male enhancement products, backed by clinical evidence and customer testimonials. The key is to find a product offered by a company with a long and proven track record, preferably with multiple doctor endorsements, a live customer support team and a firm guarantee.

Will it make your penis bigger?

Well, there are some ways to do that (although I'm not sure the juice is worth the squeeze). But you can read more HERE.

A Stimulant-Free Fat Burner Designed Specifically For Men

But the article is good and has some good info. He says, 

Male enhancement products use natural ingredients used since ancient times to boost blood flow to the genitalia and throughout the penis. Ginkgo biloba, Asian ginseng and tribulus terrestris are among the ingredients used in quality male enhancement pills and gels.

How do these products do what they do?

These ingredients infuse the reproductive system with nutrients that boost semen production and expand the corpora cavernosa (the sponge-like reservoirs within the penis that hold blood during arousal) and encourage large and frequent erections.

This is different than pharmaceuticals like Cialis and Viagra.

According to Robert Stone,

 Viagra does not address the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction and reduced libido. It merely produces an erection with each pill. Viagra also comes with side effects, including head aches, congestion and blurry vision.

In contrast to pharmaceuticals, there are advantages to a natural approach.

A quality male enhancement pill is a natural supplement that stimulates blood flow to the penis and infuses the male reproductive system with nutrients that boost sexual health. Unlike Viagra, male enhancement pills create the conditions required for instant arousal and restored sex drive.

He covers some interesting topics, such as semen volume enhancers, gels (that provide instant arousal) and naturally formulated tablets that enhance the size and firmness of the erection.

Which do you use, and when? He covers that, too. The article is a pretty informative read, and takes about 5 minutes, with other links to products that actually work. It probably makes sense to pursue this further.

Something Better Than Prostagenix

Check the article out HERE.

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