From time to time , I offer a rebate for certain orders. 

It's simple, really. Any order over $100 in value (USD equivalent) will earn you a $10 USD (equivalent, depending on your country of order) gift card from Amazon.

I offer this "rebate" currently for the following products:

Just send me proof of purchase for your order, placed through one of my affiliate links. To do that, click on any of the affiliate links on the site for the product you're interested in trying out. Then, once you place the order, send me a copy of the order form showing all the info.

If you have requests for any others, let me know and I will see what I can do.

Once I confirm it's been shipped from one of my links for your order, I will email you an electronic Amazon gift card.

For every $100 USD you spend, I'll send you $10.00 in Amazon gift cards.

It's my way of saying "thanks" for trusting my recommendations enough to try them out.

You can send it the info to:

Just my way of saying thanks. I don't mind giving a little if it means more value for you.

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