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September, 2023

}-►  Wish this stat moved in the other direction  Cancer cases in under 50's up 80% in last 30 years
In Germany, there were so many mRNA vax injuries it broke the reporting system...  German officials say "too many adverse event cases to evaluate"
Well, now. He did such a "good job" with the last ones....  Bill Gates announces $168 million for new malaria vaccine

}-►  "The Lancet" says Covid transmission is pretty much always from the symptomatic.  (vs "the asymptomatic.) Surprise again. Who knew?  🙂

}-►  Men: Sometimes things "slow down" a bit as you age.   But they don't have to. (This WORKS)

}-►  Megyn Kelly has some "buyer's remorse" over getting the "wax" "I would have been fine."

}-►  Some of the struggles women have with sexuality as they age.   And now they have a name for it 

}-►  Ladies: if you do have a problem like that, there is hope   A real solution that WORKS

}-►  Post-partum depression: an almost-silent killer if you don't see what it is.   A widower speaks out about this deadly syndrome

}-►  Mediterranean diet good for all kinds of things.   Mediterranean diet ‘linked to improved cancer treatment response’ | The Independent

}-►  Eating these foods can boost brain function  What to Eat to Improve Brain Function, According to Researchers – NBC Chicago

}-►  Have you heard of NMN? Some describe it as "the fountain of youth." (And why one particular formulation is the most effectively one.)    Why You Should Be Taking An NMN Supplement

}-►  Exercise improves your "brain youth."  Exercise Makes the Brains of Senior Citizens Look Younger, Study Finds | Mental Floss

}-►  Your hatred of heart-healthy foods could be genetic.    Hate vegetables? It could be your genes | CNN

}-►  Gentlemen: a supplement that really can get your "sex life" back.   Read testimonials about VigRX Plus and what it can do for you (and your partner)

}-►  Stress eating: why it happens and how to avoid it.   Stress Eating: Why It Happens and How To Stop – Cleveland Clinic

}-►  Why your biggest problem is probably NOT low testosterone: it's HIGH ESTROGEN (and what to do about it)   See why HERE

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