February 7

The Very Real Science Of Female Sexual Enhancement


What is "female sexual enhancement?" Well, it's about getting to (or getting back to) good sex.

It's much like what male enhancement is really all about. Same end game. Same goal. Great sex for great intimacy.

As Robert Stone says in his article on this topic, "Sex matters. When it’s hot, it’s on fire. When it’s not, it sucks." Every woman who has ever struggled with a mind that craves intimacy but a body that doesn't cooperate can relate to that statement.

But don't worry. There is real science behind the notion of "female sexual enhancement."

In his article, "Sexual Enhancement For Women," Robert explores the whole dynamic of female libido, how it works, what can slow it down and what (gasp!) can "speed it up."

This is a good article, about 3 minutes' worth of reading. But it covers some good topics:

  • physical causes for the problems that prevent intimacy (and how to deal with them)
  • psychological causes and some things to consider that can certainly help
  • what the science of female sexual enhancement deals with
  • some of the supplements and other things that can make a real difference.

He talks about supplements (in tablet form) and what they can do for you:

Pills address shifting hormones in the female body and restore a balance that’s conducive to peak sexual performance. While they take about three months to achieve best results, libido pills address many of the physical causes of sexual dysfunction in women and boost sexual health.

Many women claim that female libido pills restore sexual desire and the ability to achieve deep, and even multiple orgasms. They don’t act immediately, but when they do, you’ll know it.

He also talks about creams and topical treatments you might not know about. But you should.

Creams and gels give immediate gratification. When you want to get in the mood, or just want more lubrication, these creams and gels provide instant wetness.

This is a point worth noting, too, as for women, this becomes a very personal space. So there is often a bit of a natural apprehension about this kind of approach, even if it is "topical."

It’s important to note that female [these] enhancement creams employ botanicals rather than the harmful petrochemicals found in many over-the-counter lubricants, and may be a safer option.

His approach is a "comprehensive" one, in that he doesn't talk of pills as "the solution," but "part of the overall solution."

Overactive Bladder Treatment For Women

Worth a read HERE.

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